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Apr 18th


Why do you love America?

My son was confused. “Why does everyone hate America?” Sadly he wasn’t referring to Iran or even France. He was talking about the other children in his class. Apparently during his 6th grade class discussions a great many of his classmates expressed hatred for their country. Not only did they blame America for everything that was wrong in the world and condemn this nation for its greed and materialism, a great many of them expressed a desire to live someplace else. They believed New Zealand or Canada would allow them the opportunity to grow up without the stain and humiliation of being an American.

Peace, be still - Thoughts for and about Michael

As I think about Michael Jackson, I am listening to John Legend sing “Green Light,” and thinking about Black men, music and movement. It seems redundant to add my thought to the many that have chimed in about the death of the icon of pop music, and at the same time, it seems so very necessary to offer the public wish that Michael Jackson has finally found peace. Without knowing the man (in the mirror) at all, my observation is that peace eluded Michael Jackson. He changed his appearance, lightened his skin, engaged in public drama, and apparently earned and lost a fortune. And, he maintained a spirit of innocence and a soul of service. Wow!

Unfortunately, too many successful Black businesses get hit with baseless attacks

It can be quite comical at times when you see public relations splashes about perceived successful entrepreneurs. Ninety percent of these so called tycoons are fakes. The fact is most successful Black businesses are rather “stealth”.

Shame on you BET!

Shame on you BET!I watched the recent BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards Show at the Shrine Auditorium for two reasons. The first was obviously because I wanted to watch the tribute to the recently-departed Michael Jackson. The audience, including myself, was not disappointed. From Beyonce to the surprise appearance of Michael's sister Janet, the awards show touched the hearts of millions. The second reason that I tuned in is for the live acts. There is nothing like listening to singers in real time.

Most crimes include drugs

America has been fighting the infamous “War on Drugs” for over forty years. With illegal drug use running rampant in urban, suburban and rural centers alike, and drug-related violence escalating in countries known for manufacturing drugs that are shipped to the U.S., it is clear that our strategy for this war has not been a good one. It’s time for a new tactic, one that decreases drug use.  By lowering the demand for drugs, we reduce drug-related crimes and play a part in curtailing the violent drug wars raging in the Caribbean and South America.

Minnesotans deserve leaders with courage

My first term as your State Representative ended on May 18.  My colleagues who have served in the Legislature longer and most political observers called this the most difficult session they’ve seen.  A “perfect storm” that included the worst recession in recent history, an escalating housing crisis and state unemployment levels at near-record highs complicated the task of addressing an unprecedented $6.4 billion budget shortfall.

Members of Congress are cowards on Health Care reform

Health care reform, especially with the rising number of Americans losing their jobs and health benefits, is one of the more pressing public policy issues of the day. Yet, to borrow a phrase from Attorney General Eric Holder, too many Democrats and Republicans are cowards when it comes to taking on the powerful insurance and health care lobby.
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