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Nov 24th


What “never again” means to me

I’m a Post WW II Brooklyn born Jewish woman living in retirement community. I didn’t choose to live here for its disproportionally predominantly Jewish population, but here I am. I have enjoyed all of my life, since leaving my family of origins, living in more heterogeneous environments, yet there is the comfort of chicken soup being here surrounded by those I feel a shared history with, and being reminded of the few, long-forgotten Yiddish words and phrases I recall from my childhood.

Twins a lot more fun to watch

Nobody asked me, but early returns of the Twins 2013 season suggest they’ll be a little better this year than they were in the past two.

My Tea Party 'Taliban' comment...What is the lesson here?

 My Tea Party 'Taliban' comment...What is the lesson here?( - I have always suspected that racists didn't like being called out for their racism. Now I have proof.

Don't give me flex time, give me my money

Nobody asked me, but Republicans seem to think that the American people aren't very bright.

We need more charter schools

We need more charter schoolsNobody asked me, but it is unassailable that charter schools are doing an admirable job with our kids.

Prison calls: Put families before padded corporate profits

Prison calls: Put families before padded corporate profitsMartha Wright is an 87-year-old grandmother and a retired nurse. When her grandson, Ulandis Forte, went to prison in 1994, she was determined to keep in touch. Wright knew her grandson had made a mistake, but she did not want him to feel abandoned. More than grandmother's intuition, research also shows that prisoners who maintain family connections are much less likely to re-offend, breaking the crime cycle.

Accountability, incentives key to eliminate achievement gap

Accountability, incentives key to eliminate achievement gapMinnesota is on the threshold of making some groundbreaking changes in educational policy and funding this legislative session. We know that the increased funding for e-12 and higher education is a much needed investment to make our youth competitive in the global economy. We thank the Legislature for its focus on specific needs of the ALANA (African Latino Asian and Native American) students and efforts to close the achievement gap by developing a robust model from preschool to career pathways.
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