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Feb 08th


Learning through loss to beat the odds

Learning through loss to beat the oddsChild Watch

"Suffering is inevitable, but how you deal with it is not fixed in stone. That can change. You can develop a way to face it."

You might expect wise words like these to come after a lifetime's worth of experiences, but Elijah Iqbal-Scott has seen a lot of sadness and sorrow in his 17 years. When Elijah was born, his mother, a young college student, was chronically ill with sickle cell anemia.

Why we must fight for environmental justice for people of color in 2016

Why we must fight for environmental justice for people of color in 2016The Civil Rights Movement in the United States identified a long list of issues that were broadly considered the historical and contemporary evidence of systematic racial discrimination and injustice. With the 2016 presidential election rapidly approaching, the critical importance of environmental justice for Black Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans and for other people of color must be reasserted.

GOP: The wrecking ball party

GOP: The wrecking ball partyIn late September, , the Republican Speaker of the House, after years of battling Republican extremists in Congress, stunned the political world by announcing he was giving up that position and leaving Congress altogether at the end of October.

New forms of predatory lending threaten consumers

New forms of predatory lending threaten consumersOver the past decade, no state has authorized either predatory payday or car title loans. That consumer financial progress came about through a combination of state and local advocates working with state lawmakers to bring a sense of financial fairness to their local communities.

"Feral" Facebook comments show racism is alive and well

You can run, but you can't hide from racism. I was preparing to write a column on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the trade agreement that President Barack Obama wants to fast track through Congress. I considered tackling the Planned Parenthood kerfuffle, as Republicans are targeting a most important women's health provider for political purposes. But a friend sent me a link to a photo uploaded by Atlanta native "Geris Hilton" with a string of comments that simply turned my stomach, and I realized that the TPP would have to wait (it isn't going anywhere until January anyway).

Democrats' debate indifferent to Blacks

Democrats' debate indifferent to BlacksThe Democrat debate was nothing short of embarrassing, insulting, and dismissive of Black people. While the men did not wear the traditional red and blue ties, thank God, the two and a half hour rhetorical exercise was an in-your-face thumbing of the nose at Black voters. How much more proof do we need to make us understand that we are totally excluded from the political process? Are we ignored and dismissed because we don't vote in primaries, or do we not vote in primaries because we are ignored?

Progress for children's health

Progress for children's healthRecently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau's Current Population Survey show the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is working and helping get people health coverage. This is a welcome stark contrast to new census data showing children remain our poorest age group and the younger they are the poorer they are. Clearly the ACA has had positive effects on the uninsured. There were 8.8 million more people insured in 2014 than in 2013 and the percentage of people without health insurance coverage decreased from 13.3 percent to 10.4 percent. In 2014 nearly 1 million more children gained health coverage and 93.8 percent had health insurance coverage although they were covered at a lower rate than seniors.
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