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Sep 02nd


A new morning of race in America

On the issue of race in America there is something in the air.  Shakespeare’s melancholy Dane might say it is the “scent of morning;” our president would call it a “teaching moment.” 

What are America's real values?

(NNPA) - What is a child's life worth? What is a child's health worth? What is a child's spirit, battered by preventable suffering and chronic disease, worth? What are a child's hope and ability to learn worth?  What are the true values of the world's richest nation that is so spiritually poor that it even debates whether it can afford to give all its children the basic right to health care?

Africa's Catholics must lead

The Catholic Church, despite its controversies here at home, has long been a world leader in using faith as a tool for creating a better, more just world. On the continent of Africa, where the Church has a large presence, Catholic missionaries have worked to provide food and shelter to those in need. Now, Church leaders are calling on the continent’s leaders to make a change in their policies and practices…or step down.

Can children get Congress to protect their health?

(NNPA) - In 1931, Grace Abbott, the Chief of the U.S. Children’s Bureau, gave a speech about her long and frustrating workdays in our nation’s capital trying to advocate  for children’s needs. She said she felt all alone standing with her baby carriage on the sidewalk watching a great traffic jam moving toward the Capitol where Congress sits.

The crisis of youth violence and the demand for reparations

The crisis of youth violence and fratricide ripping at the sinews of the fabric of Black communities across this country should intensify the demand for reparations to repair the damage from enslavement and its aftermath. On the surface one might question the relationship between the current crisis and slavery; after all, the enslavement of Africans ended in the 19th century with the Emancipation Proclamation and 14th Amendment.

Target helps renovate child wing of Salvation Army facility in ailing St. Paul neighborhood

(NNPA) - There has been such a whirlwind of analysis, criticism and even some derision among certain segments of the chattering class about President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize that I decided to go to the source for some answers.

Letters to the editor

Response to article (October 12 - October 18, 2009) entitled "Mayor Coleman: Doing the right thing":

I picked up Insight News yesterday and was extremely surprised you would run a head line of "Mayor Coleman: Doing the right thing" just several weeks before the election, with nothing listed about Eva Ng, the challenger in the upcoming election.

First of all, the headline didn't reflect the story very well, and I couldn't immediate tell what it was about. It seemed like a underhanded endorsement of Mayor Coleman, which is in poor taste of the newspaper.

Leslie Rosedahl
St. Paul, MN

Response to guest commentary by Mel Reeves (October 12 - October 18, 2009) entitled "Don Samuels can't lead 5th Ward Black residents":

Your campaign article is pure fiction because your interpretation of Don Samuels's comments are completely out of context. Next time do your homework and deal with the truth.

There are challenges on the North Side and the last thing we need are candidates and commentaries that divide our community. Don promotes values built on mutual respect and responsibility. He expects the same from others. Don is truthful about his past and works 24/7 on building a bright future for the residents of the North Side. Change isn't always easy to accept but the results make "all" of us stronger. Don's first term made the North Side strong and his second term will make our North Side even stronger. The power of change is alive on the North Side.

Let’s get aboard Mr. Reeves and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Jim Hingeley  
Resident of North Side for over 60 years

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