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Oct 25th


Black History American History

A century ago, a two-day race riot in Springfield, IL, where White mobs lynched two Blacks, turned out to be the final straw for a small interracial group of Americans committed to social justice.


The nation’s appetite for mass incarceration appears to be waning

ATLANTA –The nation’s appetite for mass incarceration appears to be waning, as many states confront the financial challenges of maintaining large prison populations and as public support grows for more services that better prepare prisoners to come home to their communities.

A bailout for our students

Why do banks and businesses get breaks when college students do not? While some are getting multi-billion dollar bailouts, the students who so enthusiastically supported Barack Obama are being offered scant relief from the effects of our broken economy.

Now is the time to bail our poor children and families out of poverty

As the current recession has turned into what may be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, we all witnessed televised coverage of the CEOs of big banks, investment houses, mortgage companies and auto makers testify before Congress and plead for financial bailouts.

Working together towards economic recovery

This January I had the honor to be sworn in to represent my community and state in the Minnesota House of Representatives. I begin serving at a challenging time, but I am optimistic we can fight for the political change Minnesota needs to recover from an economic recession and emerge stronger than ever.

Balanced housing policy needed to weather Minnesota’s financial storms

In need of a balanced housing policy to weather Minnesota’s financial storms.

Minnesota is in the midst of an unprecedented housing and economic crisis that has no end horizon in sight. Some troubling trends provide a clearer overview of the financial storms to be weathered in the days ahead as we search for innovative solutions to keep a roof over every Minnesotan’s head.


Inauguration day: Continuing the dream

"Rosa sat so Martin could march. Martin marched so Barack could run. Barack runs so our children can fly!" From text messages to t-shirts, versions of this quote circulated everywhere during last year's historic presidential election. The popular message captured many people's belief that just like Mrs. Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President-elect Barack Obama is part of a historic legacy of trailblazers and leaders, each one taking a giant new step toward making a better nation for the next generation of Black Americans and all Americans.
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