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Jul 28th


Increase Africa's AIDS medication funding

The World recently celebrated the 91st birthday of Nelson Mandela , freedom fighter and former President of South Africa. Celebrities came to toast his life and work, starring in concert tributes that paid homage to his legacy. While Mandela is definitely worthy of praise, I’m sure he’d much rather the efforts put into planning the celebrations have been put toward reducing AIDS deaths in sub-Sahara Africa, where his people are suffering greatly.

Obama Administration must prosecute former President Bush & Former Vice President Cheney

It seems that hardly a week goes by that some major new revelation does not emerge which justifies the arrest and prosecution of former President Bush, former Vice President Cheney and other top officials of the disgraced Bush administration. It is becoming increasingly clear that Bush and Cheney and their sycophants lied, tortured, broke both U.S. and international law and now it seems illegally assassinated people for eight inglorious years.


Other than that Professor Gates how was the vacation

In the age of Obama, the arrest of a prominent Black Harvard Professor on the steps of his own home was sure to ignite a discussion about the state of race relations in America.

Thanks for 25 years of service

Has it really been 25 years since the Rev. Jesse Jackson made that powerful and profound speech to the Democratic National Convention? Twenty-five years since our nation stood mesmerized, as the first African American to garner as many votes and have as significant a presence in a major political party’s Presidential race spoke in culmination of his effort and electrified all of us.

President Obama’s other hand

President Obama is causing me to identify more and more with President Harry S Truman. After receiving advice from economists who sprinkled their projections with “on the one hand…on the other,” Truman demanded:  “Give me a one-handed economist.”

Is America "Post-Racial" yet?

They say: The historic election of President Barack Obama “has changed what it means to be Black in America”. The people talking that smack of America entering into “a Post-Racial society” are engaged in much more fantasy than fact.  The facts are: In June 2009 unemployment rates reported were: adult men (10 %), adult women (7.6 %), teenagers (24.0 %), whites (8.7 %), Asians (8.2%), Hispanics (12.2%), and Blacks (14.7 %).

Give grave diggers life

When family members lay a loved one to rest, they expect that the final resting place for their body will be the same as the one they envision for their soul: peaceful. So it’s no surprise that relatives of those buried in Burr Oak are outraged that the graves of their dearly departed have been desecrated all because of greed. Those who are responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; life in prison for such deplorable behavior is not too much to ask.
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