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Feb 07th


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote No on Question 1 on Minneapolis Ballot

To supporters of Question 1 on the Minneapolis Ballot: I understand the notion of streamlining the voting process and eliminating frivolous candidates. I also understand that the measure provides two options for ballot access. But this proposition logic presupposes race and class equity. This is not the case, when 2/3 of all minorities in Minneapolis live below the poverty line: $11k for individuals and $22k for families of 4.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ethics charges appalling and insulting

On October 22, 2014, I attended the Ethical Inquiry Hearing for Senator Jeff Hayden and it really disturbed my soul. To know that I reside in a city, in the great state of Minnesota, and in the United States of America, where we would have a person addressing allegations printed in a newspaper with no other corroborating evidence, is appalling and insulting to rules of evidence and to the due process provided all citizens of this great nation, elected or not. Coming from a law enforcement background, as an investigator, I am so disappointed that our rules of evidence have been insulted in such a manner.

Closer to the finish line

Closer to the finish lineWith opportunity gaps widening for poor children and children of color, new guidance from the Office for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education offers new hope and protection from discrimination. For the first time in 13 years, the Department now makes clear that states, school districts, and schools must make education resources equally available to all students without regard to race, color, or national origin. It prohibits schools and school districts from discriminating in their allocation of courses, academic programs and extracurricular activities, teachers and leaders, other school personnel, school facilities, and technology and instructional materials, and offers steps to level the playing field. This is some of the unfinished business of the Civil Rights movement and a giant step forward for poor children, often children of color, currently taught at higher rates by inexperienced, unqualified, or out of field teachers and provided far fewer resources than their wealthier peers. Our responsibility now is to ensure that children left behind truly benefit from these protections.

The source of HBCU and TCU success

The source of HBCU and TCU successNobody asked me, but I am extremely happy about a conference that took place Oct. 9 at Neighborhood House in St. Paul.

I am happy about who attended. I am happy about what we learned. And, I am happy that the Twin Cities educational community now has a shining example to follow.

A Letter to the Editor:

A Letter to the Editor:Occasionally you meet a person who instantly strikes you as a person of integrity. It was a memorable and important moment when I first met Rich Stanek, and my first impression was right. Over a decade ago, Rich reached out to me for support in his first campaign for Sheriff. I supported him then, and our friendship has grown ever stronger through the years as he has kept the promises he made to reach out across our Minneapolis community in an apolitical way to fight violent crime and keep our families safe.

Ebola overshadows significant progress in Africa

Ebola overshadows significant progress in AfricaThis ought to be a season of hope for Liberia and Sierra Leone, two of the West African countries that have been battered by the Ebola epidemic.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The State of Minnesota's failure to implement and enforce existing laws to address disparities based on race, disability and gender

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The State of Minnesota's failure to implement and enforce existing laws to address disparities based on race, disability and genderBillions of dollars flow through Minnesota state agencies and fund employment for thousands of individuals who perform essential public services.

Yet, unequivocal data substantiates that these employment opportunities are not available equitably to qualified persons of color, those with disabilities and females. This inequality increases exponentially as the job level and compensation of the position increases. Credible, consistent research shows that disparities based on race, disability and gender are largely attributable to an organization's systemic, institutionalized and discriminatory employment policy and practice.
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