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Apr 21st


Boehner: Intemperate, Ignorant and Out of Control

Congressman John Boehner was re-elected speaker of the House of Representatives with a narrow vote.  Needing 218 votes, he barely clinched it with 220.  His narrow vote reflects the fact that no Democrat would vote for him and that many Republicans are disillusioned of him.  Perhaps it also reflects the fact that he has so poorly comported himself that he does not deserve reelection.

Wilmington Ten Pardons: Black Press at its Best

When then-National Newspaper Publishers Association Chairman Danny Bakewell, Sr. asked me to emcee the Black Press Week luncheon at the National Press Club in 2011, I had no idea that I would be witnessing history. At the urging of Wilmington Journal Publisher Mary Alice Thatch, the NNPA decided to launch a national campaign to win pardons for the Wilmington 10, a group of activists who were falsely convicted and sentenced to a combined total of 282 years.

Nobody asked me, but Republicans, having learned the hard way that they can’t be president, have decided to choose the cabinet instead.

They are so apoplectic over having to watch a Black man run this country, they will throw any roadblock they can into the way of letting President Barack Obama's presidency proceed on the course he and the electorate intend. It is as if they've decided to have the country hold its collective breath until this next four years is over. They seem to think that if nothing happens while he's president, it'll be like he never was really elected in the first place.

Let’s elect Tim Scott President

Let’s elect Tim Scott PresidentIf Sen. Timothy Eugene Scott is the GOP standard bearer in the 2016 presidential elections, will any Black Americans vote for him? The appointment of Scott to a U.S. Senate seat representing South Carolina is the Republicans' most recent example of doing everything they can to shed the perception that the party is comprised, and run by old, White men. Being anti-Republican, however, is systemic among African Americans.

Social paranoia feeds U.S. gun culture

Social paranoia feeds U.S. gun cultureThe gun has an indelible presence in America's popular consciousness. The myth-making entertainment industry has embellished and magnified the gun's prominent role in the narrative of the nation's founding and rapid expansion across the continent over Indian lands and trackless wilds.

Make 2013 a year of renewal, not ruin

The new year begins with a bad hangover from 2012’s inane debate over the “fiscal cliff.” The furious debate focused only on how much damage would be done to the economy and who would pay the price, how much and what would be cut, who would pay higher taxes and who would suffer the most.

Want an assault weapon? Join the army

Nobody asked me, but, in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn. tragedy, a number of discussion possibilities leap to mind.
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