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Sep 01st


No better time to end racial profiling

No better time to end racial profilingFreddie Gray, 25, was racially profiled and then chased down by the Baltimore police officers. He subsequently died as result of police action taken after what the mayor called an unjust arrest. But the Gray tragedy is not an isolated case. It is symptomatic of a criminal justice system gone mad with racism and bigotry.

Barbara Arnwine: Advancing justice

Barbara Arnwine: Advancing justiceBarbara Arnwine has played a key role in advancing justice in the arena of civil rights.

Death row's other killers

Death row's other killersGlenn Ford, 64, convicted of murder in 1984, spent a quarter-century on the death row of Louisiana's notorious Angola prison before his conviction was overturned and he was freed last year. Anthony Ray Hinton, 58, convicted of murder in 1983, spent 30 years on Alabama's death row before his murder conviction was overturned earlier this month and he was freed.

Black women killed by police are ignored

Black women killed by police are ignoredYou know their names – Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice – because these African American men were unarmed and killed by "law enforcement" officers. Their names have been part of a litany invoked when police shootings are discussed. Their deaths have been part of the impetus for the Black Lives Matter movement, especially because the police officers that killed these men (and a little boy) have paid no price for their murders.

A crisis and an opportunity to lead

A crisis and an opportunity to leadLetter to the editor

We are at another critical junction in American History.

Nobody Asked Me: The Star Tribune has it out for Black folks

Nobody Asked Me: The Star Tribune has it out for Black folksNobody asked me, but, Jeffrey Hassan's opinion piece on the Star Tribune's questionable opinions is well written and on point.

Mr. President your silence is deafening

Mr. President your silence is deafeningMr. President, where are you?

I know that must seem like a silly question because I can turn on any cable news channel and I can see you and know your whereabouts as you're talking about the issue of the moment. I've seen you talking about the Israeli/Palestine conflict. I've seen you talking about your transportation bill. I've seen you talking about affordable college funding programs. I saw you joking around with The Ohio State University football team. Just this past weekend I saw you yucking it up at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I even got to see your angry alter-ego, Luther.
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