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Feb 14th


The Palin show is a scam, and everyone knows it

Sarah Palin has no chance at winning the presidency. And that's what makes her presidential scam -- the idea that she plans to run in 2012 and that she actually has a shot at the White House -- both intriguing and amusing. Most of the media and the GOP leadership know she's scamming them and the rest of the country, but they go along with her for the sheer thrill of the ride, the titillation, and the chuckles.

Race to the top-Early learning challenge

On May 25th, the Obama Administration announced a new Race to the Top challenge fund to identify and reward best practices in education—$500 million of the $700 million challenge is designed to improve the odds for the very youngest children. The Early Learning Challenge grant competition invites states to create comprehensive plans to develop and transform early learning systems for children from birth through prekindergarten to enable all children to start school ready to learn. States must address how to better coordinate programs and services for young children, establish clearer learning standards, and strengthen the quality of those serving young children. Successful states will receive grants by December 31st to put plans into action to increase their ability to provide high quality early learning opportunities for their state’s children. As Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said at the announcement of the new initiative, “To win the future, our children need a strong start. The Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge encourages states to develop bold and comprehensive plans for raising the quality of early learning programs across America.”

Cuts threaten public sector jobs

Cuts threaten public sector jobsRadical conservative politicians want to slash city, county and state jobs -- and undercut the economic security of African-American families, says this union official.

When I was growing up in Cleveland, some of the most respected people in my neighborhood were the folks who worked for the city, county or state. My father was a city bus driver who took great pride in getting people safely to and from their jobs every day. My mother was a community college teacher who loved preparing her students for success.

A Chance for Arabs and Americans to Reunite

The US finds itself with an exciting opportunity. True democracies are emerging across the Middle East. These revolutionary events are an inspiring reminder to The United States of America of our own struggles in attaining equality.

At times, our individual roles in these exciting Arabic uprisings can seem so miniscule. Yet we have a chance to reconnect with Arabic countries that is respectful and based on mutual, human development. We can break down the historic barriers between us, and act on future possibilities in commerce and technology.

“Maids” deserve protection against sexual assault

On Saturday, May 16, 2011, the western world was shocked to learn that a world banker, Dominique Strauss Kahn, had been arrested for allegedly attempting to rape a woman and sexually assaulting her in an upscale hotel room in Manhattan, New York.  However, the reporting of the story rang all-too familiar for working-class and immigrant people in the United States and around the world.

Introducing new voices in small business development

Ensuring that every American has the chance to improve their economic circumstances through hard work, saving, entrepreneurship, and other productive activities is essential to build a healthy country and society.  With small business owners and entrepreneurs in traditionally underserved communities continuing to face challenges accessing capital, much attention is being focused on the U.S. Small Business Administration initiatives aimed at increasing SBA-backed loans to small businesses in these markets.

IMF rape case: Victim-bashing run amok

Former International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn loudly declared that he did not rape a maid in his hotel room during his stay in New York. Strauss-Kahn is certainly entitled to proclaim his innocence, and under the law he is just that: Innocent until proven guilty. But the same can’t be said for his alleged victim, who has been tried, convicted, sentenced, and pilloried relentlessly in the press and on the web since the moment her accusations went public.
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