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Feb 14th


We movin' to the outskirts of town

Black Americans are losing political clout.  The loss of voting power is not from white peoples’ skullduggery, but due to our own movement choices.    2010 Census data show that 20 of the 25 cities that have at least 250,000 people and a 20% Black population lost political clout.  These declines happened in traditional Black strongholds such as: Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland and Washington, DC.  Black American political and population losses were fueled by middle-and-upper-class Blacks leaving cities for the suburbs and large percentages of Blacks leaving Northern cities for thriving centers in the South.

Barry Bond’s trainer refuses to testify

Greg Anderson, the government's key witness against baseball great Barry Bonds, refused to testify in court last week landing him in jail for the fifth time. U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston found Bond's personal trainer in contempt of court. His lawyer says Anderson will not testify leaving the governments case against Bonds very weak. In my view Anderson is a hero and a true stand up guy who is willing to sacrifice his own freedom to stop the imprisonment of Bonds for putting a substance in his body.

U.S. switches back and forth on Gaddafi

The United States’ relationship with Moammar Gaddafi has vacillated over the years, at one time viewing him as a mad dog leader, then accepting him into the international community as a member in good standing and more recently, depicting him as an outcast while participating in coordinated multi-national air strikes on Libya.

In a recent speech to the nation on Monday night, President Obama defended his decision to join France, the United Nations and now NATO in launching air strikes on the African country to protect civilians.

GOP plans to end foreclosure assistance program

GOP plans to end foreclosure assistance programThough their stated pledges since coming to power have been to 'cut the deficit' and 'create jobs,' House Republicans will soon take a series of votes to further solidify a radical agenda that does neither.
Instead, this week they will bring to the floor two bills - the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) Termination Act, H.R. 839, and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program Termination Act (H.R. 861) - to end critical programs that help families and communities reeling from the effects of a financial crisis they didn't create.

MN FoodShare March Campaign

Sabathani Community Center needs donations of food and dollars to support its participation in Minnesota FoodShare’s March Campaign, an annual effort focusing on the problems of hunger in communities across the state. More than 7,200 families a year rely on the balanced nutrition that Sabathani provides. Sabathani’s food shelf provides a family with 3 meals a day for a week.  For participating in Minnesota FoodShare’s March Campaign, Sabathani will receive a participation match for pounds of food and dollars raised. 

The new Jim Crow: Drug convictions

“Jarvious Cotton cannot vote.  Like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather, he has been denied the right to participate in our electoral democracy... Cotton’s great-great-grandfather could not vote as a slave.  His great-grandfather was beaten to death by the Ku Klux Klan for attempting to vote. His grandfather was prevented from voting by Klan intimidation. His father was barred from voting by poll taxes and literacy tests.  Today, Jarvious Cotton cannot vote because he, like many Black men in the United States, has been labeled a felon and is currently on parole.”

Stop budget cuts in education

As the federal and state governments are all faced with severe fiscal and budget restraints, even as the United States is currently undergoing an economic recovery, the last thing that should take place is to reduce the funding for education.   At the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels, the funding for education was already grossly inadequate across the nation.   President Obama is on the right side of history as he continues to remind and challenge members of Congress, as well as governors and members of state legislatures that the future of America will be dependent on how well we educate the nation’s children.
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