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Oct 13th


Letters to the editor

Response to article (October 12 - October 18, 2009) entitled "Mayor Coleman: Doing the right thing":

I picked up Insight News yesterday and was extremely surprised you would run a head line of "Mayor Coleman: Doing the right thing" just several weeks before the election, with nothing listed about Eva Ng, the challenger in the upcoming election.

First of all, the headline didn't reflect the story very well, and I couldn't immediate tell what it was about. It seemed like a underhanded endorsement of Mayor Coleman, which is in poor taste of the newspaper.

Leslie Rosedahl
St. Paul, MN

Response to guest commentary by Mel Reeves (October 12 - October 18, 2009) entitled "Don Samuels can't lead 5th Ward Black residents":

Your campaign article is pure fiction because your interpretation of Don Samuels's comments are completely out of context. Next time do your homework and deal with the truth.

There are challenges on the North Side and the last thing we need are candidates and commentaries that divide our community. Don promotes values built on mutual respect and responsibility. He expects the same from others. Don is truthful about his past and works 24/7 on building a bright future for the residents of the North Side. Change isn't always easy to accept but the results make "all" of us stronger. Don's first term made the North Side strong and his second term will make our North Side even stronger. The power of change is alive on the North Side.

Let’s get aboard Mr. Reeves and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Jim Hingeley  
Resident of North Side for over 60 years


More than just a pink ribbon

(NNPA) - October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  If you flew Delta Airlines this month, you saw flight attendants with pink t-shirts, pink uniforms, as well as the ever-present pink ribbons.

Playing for keeps

I was an innocent – not pure as the driven snow, but certainly unwise as to the level of the stakes at which we were playing.  I entered the debate believing it would be an intellectual exercise; we would joust with each other and after it was all over shake hands and exit with mutual respect.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Mutual respect?  The Black panelists on my side of the question were called uncle toms, the white member was accused of seeking to repeal the civil rights act. Honesty?

The Citadel: A symbol of freedom and hope in Haiti

The Haiti Support Project of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century has just completed its Third Pilgrimage to Haiti to visit the Citadel and other important cultural/historical sites.  The vision/mission of these Pilgrimages is to transform the town of Milot, which is strategically situated at the foot of the Citadel, into a Mecca for cultural/historical tourism as the engine for people based economic development in the area/region. In a broader sense, however, the Pilgrimages are intended to introduce people of African descent to the Haitian Revolution which produced the first Black Republic in this hemisphere - one of the most incredible feats in human history. The magnificent Citadel, which sits atop a mountain 3,000 feet in the sky, is a powerful symbol of freedom and hope.

Blacks willing to pay more for beverages

Should the federal government help finance expansion of U.S. health coverage by taxing products such as sugary soft drinks?  Polls show at least 50 percent public support for taxes on soft drinks and rises as high as 72 percent when respondents believe revenues would be used for programs to help the poor.  Support for the tax is highest among African-Americans and Hispanics; and is stronger in low-income than in higher-income groups.

The roots of "good hair"

Do Black women get their “hair did” to look European?  Chris Rock's latest flick 'Good Hair' provides a timely focus on a multi-billion-dollar Black hair business.  Rock was moved to film the subject after an occasion when, in the company of a white girlfriend, daughter Lola Simone asked him: "Daddy, why don't I have good hair?"  The question has historical context and financial significance in regards to Black Beauty in America.

What exactly does “affordable” mean?

A very good friend of mine has lately taken me to task for my opposition to a single payer, universal medical coverage.  She argues that she is one of those the president speaks of when describing Americans that do not have “affordable” health insurance.  She has a pre-existing condition and coverage is expensive.  When I point out that while the cost of her coverage may be high it is certainly affordable (in that she is managing to pay for it) she rejects the argument on the basis that the high cost eats into other equally important expenses.
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