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Feb 09th

Hospitalized with concussion, Zachary King says he’s a victim of police brutality

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Courtesy of Zachery KingHospitalized with concussion, Zachary King says he's a victim of police

Zachary King’s evening began with a Travis Porter concert at Epic night club. It ended with a bloodied face, a large knot on his head and a concussion; all at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Pictured: Zachary King said these injuries are a result of being brutalized by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department.

The incident, for which King was arrested, occurred on Jun. 18 in the early morning hours when many downtown clubs were letting out. King was walking on 4th St. next to Pizza Luce when, according to King, an officer noticed a bulge under his shirt. King said the officer asked what was under King’s shirt when, according to King, he raised his arms above his head and replied that he had a concealed weapon permit.

“Then (the officer) slammed me against a wall and screamed, ‘Gun, gun, gun,’” said King. “I wasn’t resisting or anything. About four or five other offices joined in and slammed me to the ground. One punched me in my face about 10 times.”

Courtesy: Zachary KingPictured: Zachary King

King said during the incident he kept yelling that he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

“I’m no dummy,” said King. “I took the conceal and carry class and I know the rules.”

According to King, once the officers stopped hitting him he was cuffed and the police removed his wallet, which had his valid gun permit. He was also given a breathalyzer. King said the breathalyzer showed he had not been drinking. Had he been drinking, he would have been in violation of his conceal and carry permit.

Bloodied and stunned, King was placed under arrest. An ambulance was called to the scene and King requested to be taken to a hospital, but officers were insistent upon taking him to jail.

“They were going to take me straight to jail but the paramedic said, ‘No, he needs to go to the hospital,’” said King.

King was transported to the Hennepin County Medical Center. There he was diagnosed with a concussion.

Michael Padden, King’s attorney, said his client’s rights were clearly violated.

“If you see (King’s) face, it’s disturbing,” said Padden. “Because of a few incidents, police feel they have free reign. They have a hunker-down mentality; especially against African-Americans. It’s anything goes.”

Padden said King was charged with obstruction of legal process with force, a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Padden said he is requesting any footage of the incident from the city’s surveillance system.   

Sgt. Steven McCarty, public information officer of the Minneapolis Police Department, said there is a chance the incident was captured via city surveillance.

“This incident occurred on a Sunday and we have extra mobile (surveillance) units out and increased patrols,” said McCarty. “Sundays are problem nights for incidents in that area.”

McCarty said because King has filed a complaint with the civilian review board, McCarty was unable to discuss particulars of the incident.

King believes he was targeted by the Minneapolis police officers because months earlier he used his camera-phone to record another alleged incident of police abuse. In that incident, King was arrested and his phone was confiscated. King was held in jail for two days, but according to Padden, King was never charged with a crime. King’s phone was returned, and King thinks the only reason the video was not erased is because the phone was password protected.

Padden also represents the individual involved in the earlier incident.

King said his interactions with the Minneapolis police have him concerned for his safety.

“I’m scared. I’m afraid of the police,” said King.


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