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Feb 14th

Students reflect on legacy of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

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WIn WIN/ Artist: Angel Herrera 7th grade Student.  Every year, WE WIN Institute’s Rites of Passage programs at Olson Middle School study and honor the contributions of the great, late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King was a great African American revolutionary who taught Black people to use non-violent resistance to change unjust systems in the United States. His leadership and direction paved the way for America to have its first African American president, Barack Obama.
Seventh and eighth grade students in WE WIN’s classes at Olson Middle School were given the assignment of reading and discussing Dr.  King.  Their assignment was to write a poem about Dr. King.  The poem had to be five stanzas and each stanza had to have at least four lines.   The poem had to have five facts about this tremendous civil and human rights leader.

WE WIN uses African history and culture as a way to create pride in being Black and pride in the contributions that African Americans have made to the United States and humanity.  Besides Rites of Passage assisting teenagers’ transition into adulthood, we help strengthen their reading and writing skills.

WE WIN Institute has started a movement called Black Excellence that asserts that all Black children can be successful in school.  Black Excellence is an inclusive movement which we all must be part of.  Black Excellence says that we will no longer tolerate Black children in MinnesotaUnited States at 38% while simultaneously, White students in Minnesota have amongst the highest graduation rates at 83%.    Our students’ poems are an example of Black Excellence. having the lowest graduation rates in the

Kijana Ranson

Martin Luther King, Jr.
By Kijana Ransom
Seventh Grade

On January 15th in 1929

Segregation was happening at the time

It was a time to

Put Black Americans

To Shame

On that day

Martin Luther King

Began the change

He grew to become a man

A preacher, husband and a father

He could not stand the injustice

He began his fight

For all of us

Dr. King married

The love of his life

Coretta Scott

In 1953

They had 4 beautiful children

2 boys and 2 girls

They were mostly quiet

And hardly bad

He organized the bus boycott

After Rosa Parks

Refused to give up her seat

To a White man

Because she was tired

Of standing on her feet

The bus boycott

Lasted for 11 months

Until the Supreme Court said

“That’s enough”

The buses was integrated

The boycott came to an end

Now more work for civil rights

Was about to begin

Blacks marched on Washington, D.C.

Dr. King performed his

I Have a Dream speech in

Washington, D.C.

On August 28 in 1963

On March 28 1968

Dr. King led the March in

Memphis, Tennessee

During the march

A 16 year old was shot

Dr. King returned to Memphis

April 3rd

To prepare a truly nonviolent march

That night he made his Mountaintop speech

April 4, 1968

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Was shot on the

Lorraine Motel balcony

He was shot by

James Earl Ray

Ray claimed that

The FBI was at fault

Kevin Moore

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
By Kevin Moore
Seventh Grade

Dr. Martin Luther King

Had a dream

That all boys and girls

Of all colors

Could go to school

With each other

He wished we could all use

The same restrooms


The same Schools


They killed him

But they can never

Killed his dream

They burned his house

They put him down

He will always be around


He did not believe in

Separate ways

Things should never

Stay that way


James Earl Ray


Dr. Martin Luther King


Memphis, Tennessee

I wonder if

The man was crazy

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
By Myeisha Purdimon
Eighth Grade

Dr. Martin Luther King is a wonderful man

He was born in 1929

He died in 1968

Dr. King was an important man

Today he is very well known

Dr. King had many marches

He wanted freedom

And peace

Dr. King was a kind and nice man

Dr. King had four children


Dr. King was married to Coretta Scott

They married in 1953

Dr. King worked to change people’s hearts

About segregation

He wanted nothing but happiness


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Became a pastor

Of the Dexter Ave. Baptist Church

On December 1, 1955

Rosa Parks, a tailor’s assistant

Was tired after a hard days work

She refused to give up her bus seat to

A white man


For 11 months 17,000

Black people in Montgomery, Alabama

Walked to work or

Received rides from small cars owned

By the Black population of the city


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Was King

On April 4, 1968

He was shot at a motel in

Memphis, Tennessee

Every year

We celebrate his birthday



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