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Feb 09th

Students mentoring students

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latrea-martin_amber-arringtFor the last six months WE WIN Institute has been executing a mentoring program at Cooper High School in Robbinsdale. Principal Michael Favor was looking for ways to address the needs of freshmen students at his school. With a school that is almost 50 percent students of African descent, Favor is fixated on the success of all students. His vision is to support freshmen from day one, to assure they are on the right track to be the best and the brightest.

The mentoring program is called, “Rites of Passage, Sisters of the Ankh … Women of Distinction.” Junior and seniors mentor freshmen girls. The gender specific program has mentors assisting mentees with their academics. They work together to learn about African and African American history and culture. The mentors listen to mentees concerns as well as their triumphs. Mentors talk with classroom teachers to discover where mentees need the greatest support. They communicate with the freshmen’s parents to inform them on their child’s progress, listen to suggestions they may have for them to assist in their child’s success.

“Women of Distinction” have been studying the contributions of the tremendous educator, leader and visionary, Mary McLeod Bethune. Together, mentors and mentees read and discussed the works of Bethune. Amber Arrington and her mentor, Latrea Martin, who is a junior, wrote a poem that reflects their view of the greatness of Mary McLeod Bethune.

Mary McLeod Bethune 
By Amber Arrington & Latrea Martin

Born January 10, 1875
Best known teacher
Of her kind
Fought for freedom
And justice
Mary McLeod Bethune
Was her name
Education was her game

Mary McLeod Bethune
Started a school in
Daytona Beach, Florida
Began with six students was all
She helped them
Stand tall

When Mary Bethune’s
School first started
She was the
Everything woman
She cleaned toilets and
Baked pies
She kept the school alive
To teach students and
Make them feel good

Bethune’s school
Merged with Cookman Institute
Bethune Cookman College
She served as president
She never bent
Until excellence happened
For all her students

Mary McLeod Bethune
Worked with
President Franklin Roosevelt
For 8 years
Special Advisor for
Minority Affairs
No one dared
Question her competence

Mary McLeod Bethune
Is my she-roe
She was smart & together
Her commitment to her people
And the results of her works
Will last forever


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