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Feb 09th

MLK poems and pictures

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mlkpoemontageEvery year the United States celebrates the life and accomplishments of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Through a holiday on the third Monday of every January, breakfasts, speakers, and marches occur in the name of this great African American.

WE WIN Institute is a community organization that is dedicated to the mission of creating academic and social success for all children. Its programs are designed to instill pride, confidence and academic and social skills in children by giving them knowledge and experiences that honor and celebrate their cultural roots.

When children in WE WIN studied about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. not only did they learn the traditional information about him such as the famous March on Washington in 1963, but they also learned that Dr. King was named Michael until he was five-years-old when he and his father (who he was named after) changed their names to Martin Luther, after the great European Protestant, Martin Luther. WE WIN children learned that Dr. Martin Luther publically opposed the Viet Nam War in 1967 and although he was attacked by Black leadership all over the country, he stood strong for what he believed in. He made it clear: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

mlkdrawingsWE WIN Institute’s Rites of Passage programs serve children ages 6-18 in North and South Minneapolis. They have a program at Zion Baptist Church and their home base on 38th street.
WE WIN children in the Rites of Passage programs were given the assignment to write a poem on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Their poem had to be five stanzas, and each stanza had to have at least four lines. The following poems and pictures are how WE WIN students honored the late great, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Great Brave Man
By Abucar Mohamed 5th Grade & Sedrique Ametor 4th Grade

Martin Luther King Jr.
Was a brave man
He was the a great, brave man
He was a role model
He was a King
He stood for
Good, Just, Fair

Martin Luther King
Was born
With the name Michael
In 1934
He changed his name
To Marin Luther King
So Did his Dad
After Martin Luther
A Protestant leader

Martin Luther King
Fought for civil right
He married Coretta Scott
She was a Fox

Martin Luther King
Was so smart
He won the
Nobel Peace Prize
When he was 35

Martin Luther King
Fought for freedom
He love his people
He love the world
He gave his life
For Justice
For All
May he rest in peace

By Kyalah Albritton 7th Grade

D is for the doctor he became
R is for not having revenge
M is for the master of all minds
A is for helping the poorest of all Americans
R is for the reverend he became
T is for the time he gave
I is for his famous I Have a Dream speech
N is for the Nobel Peace prize he won
L is for the leadership he showed
U is for using nonviolence
T is for the thoughtful thinking
H is for the honor people had for him
E is for establishing MLK Day
R is for reaching peace
K is for Martin Luther King
I is not for ignoring his people
N is for his skipping 9th and 12th grades
G is for a good black man graduating from Morehouse College

Dr. King Was The Man
Nesani Sabal 6th Grade

Dr. King was the man
He helped his people
He took a stand
For Freedom
And Love
That he wanted to spread
Throughout the land

Martin Luther King
Was born
January 15, 1929
He was very smart
And he had
A lot of heart

Martin Luther King
Was the youngest man
To receive
A Nobel Peace Prize
For Non-Violence
Peaceful Protest

MLK created and was president
An organization
That fought for Black’s Civil Rights

April 4, 1968
Was the dreadful day
Dr. King was killed
For what he believed
He love his family
He love his people
He cared, he gave, and he made a difference
For Humanity

Dr. King Is The One
Mark Miller 7th Grade

Dr. King is the One
He didn’t worry about Fun
He fought for Freedom
For Everyone

Martin Luther King
Was born January 15, 1929
He married…He had 4 kids…
He even went to college
At 15

Martin Luther King
Was the youngest man
To win a
Peace Prize
It was no surprise
For Non-violent Protest
He gave his best

Martin Luther King
Spoke in Washington, D.C.
250,000 People
Came to hear him speak

Martin Luther King was killed
On April 4, 1968
In Tennessee
James Earl Ray
Went to prison
Ray proclaimed
He didn’t kill
Our leader
King’s Family
Believed Ray at the end
Martin Luther King
Is the One

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