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Aug 29th


Minneapolis Board of Education approves

The Minneapolis Board of Education on October 12 voted to authorize agreements with Mortenson/Legacy Development and UrbanWorks Architecture to develop and construct a new Educational Service Center (ESC) at 1250 West Broadway. This vote follows the board’s approval of the project in May 2010 and funding for the design of the building in June.

Moving to a new ESC will provide the school district with cost savings in the near term and long term. The annual operating costs of the new ESC will be almost two million dollars less than the annual operating costs of the four existing administrative buildings. Over thirty years, the building will provide MPS with savings totaling $20 million.

More community dialogue needed on drastic plan to close North High

State Rep. Bobby Champion (DFL – Minneapolis) and State Rep. Jeff Hayden (DFL – Minneapolis) recently responded to Minneapolis Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson’s plan to close Minneapolis North High School. Champion, a graduate of North High, said closing the cities most storied high school sends the wrong message to the people of North Minneapolis. 

“I am not ready to give up on our future, but that appears to be what some people think we should do,” said Champion. “This is my home and this is our community. We need to stand together for our schools, for our children, and for our community. Now is not the time to cut and run.”

Report: Outdoor time boosts academic performance for MN kids

Back-to-school has traditionally meant less outdoor time for children, and a new report from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) shows that's not in Minnesota kids' best interest when it comes to school performance and behavior. 

Kevin Coyle, vice president of education and training with NWF, makes the case for schools to reinstate regular recesses, as well as adding school gardens and outside adventures.


Back 2 School Bash event for families

Back 2 School Bash event for familiesMerrick Community Services’ East Side Heritage Project presented its first Back 2 School Bash for families on September 24, 2010 at Merrick Community Center in St. Paul.

The goal of this event was to promote an awareness of services, activities and community resources available for families on the East Side. Vendors participating in this event were from schools, banks, and other community groups along with the St. Paul Fire and Police Department. These activities were organized by Jennifer Watson.

Mike Favor, Principal Extraordinaire

Mike Favor, Principal ExtraordinaireConsidered by many to be the best principal that North High School ever had, the Northside community of Minneapolis was shocked when Mike Favor announced that he was leaving to become principal of Cooper High School in the Robbinsdale School District. Favor is credited for turning a plethora of North’s failures into successes.

With the beginning of his fourth year in Robbinsdale, Mike Favor has used his same magic at Cooper. At a school where many students lacked discipline and struggled academicslly, Favor came to demonstrate that all children could be successful in school.

Favor is a former offensive lineman, who has been called the greatest player in North Dakota State football (1985-1988). Mike Favor played in three national championship victories. He graduated from North Dakota State in 1989 with a degree in social work. He also earned a Master's degree in Education from Hamline University. Favor was a teacher and administrator at St. Louis Park High School and then assistant principal at Minneapolis North High before being promoted to principal.

MUL Young Professionals hosts Politics with a Purpose

MUL Young Professionals hosts Politics with a PurposeDiscussion on how the 2010 gubernatorial election will affect communities of color

The Minneapolis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) will host "Politics with a Purpose: How the 2010 gubernatorial election affects communities of color" on October 6. It will be hosted at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, Cowles Auditorium and Atrium starting at 5:30 pm.

The event will consist of a diverse panel of politicians and community leaders discussing the importance of the upcoming gubernatorial race and how young professionals of color can actively engage the political process. The panel discussion, moderated by Robyne Robinson former FOX News anchor and former candidate for Lt. Governor, include:

Our history: We must fight for ethnic studies

Our history: We must fight for ethnic studiesThe right wing educational attack in Arizona expressed in the May 11 passage of HB 2281 banning the teaching of Ethnic Studies in all levels of education, k-12 through Higher Education, and new social standards by the Texas State Board of Education, confronts directly the historic struggles of people of color.  These are attacks on our ability to tell our stories, to speak our truths, and to transform the curriculum regarding the history of the United States.  These transformations in US education came from hard-fought struggles.  From the 1968 Third World Strike at San Francisco State College resulting in the establishment of a Third World College, to the  1969 Morrill Hall Take Over by Black students at Minnesota and the struggles for  American Indian and  Chicano Studies on that campus, these fields emerged out of struggle.

Indeed, the Third World Strike at San Francisco State College might be called the borning struggle of contemporary Ethnic Studies in the academy.  “On strike! Shut it down!” resonated on the campus from November 1968 to March 1969.  This five-month strike,  according to Helene Whitson, archivist of the San Francisco State College Strike Collection,  was “longer than any other academic student strike in American higher education history.”
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