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Feb 06th
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Last week I wrote about the private elation I held at the prospect of getting in my fitness workout as one of about 30 enrolled in the current Insight2Health Fitness Challenge. The challenge, the first of three this year, started March 15th and runs for 10 weeks into mid May.

I was gloating because I answered the call. I had declared my commitment to the work, the demanding work required if you are earnest about getting fit, losing weight, and lifestyle change. Commitment notwithstanding, I know that the spirit of the slackard also roosts comfortably in me. So I hoped for a degree of anonymity in the crowd of 30. I hoped for a break, an extra moment of rest, the occasional pass, the overlooking of lack of form and something akin to sympathy from the task masters, that acknowledge that I least I showed up.

3 4 14No Mercy

That was weigh-in day. It was a casual meet and greet affair. We connected with new friends, new trainers, and with our excellent nutritionist, NorthPoint Health & Wellness' Karen Blanchard, and our new life coach, Michelle Magnuson, a Reiki Master and Chakra guru who owns Energized Coaching in Minneapolis.

But Monday, it was a different story.

2 4 14-brandonWe crowded in The Fit Lab, beginning our warm up on a 200 foot lap between the front and back of the fitness gym. Walk 10 laps. Run two laps. Change directions. Walk 10 laps. Run 10 laps. Hit the stairs...up and down the two flights about five times.

Oh, somebody showed up late for class? Everybody....Burpies and squats till we say stop.....

And then we began the warm up.

This hour was so intense, I felt like throwing up. I didn't though. I just smiled and thanked Tyrone Minor and his team of instructors. This is all about getting the work in.

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