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Feb 10th

Tap water: Safe and healthy to drink

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tap waterDid you know that tap water in the Twin Cities is healthy and safe? Most people get the water in their home from a city or other type of public water system. These water systems make the water safe to drink by filtering and disinfecting the water. Anything that can cause people to get sick is removed.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has samples from the water system checked to make sure the water meets all the standards and is safe.

Water from a public water system, such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, or a suburban water utility, is tested regularly to ensure safety. Once in a while a problem is detected through the testing. When this happens, the water system corrects the problem. The system will also inform residents of the situation. Unless you hear otherwise, you can be confident in the safety of the water that comes out of your tap or faucet.

Tap water is a great bargain when you compare it to the price of buying water in a bottle. It costs only pennies for thousands of gallons. Bottled water is safe too, but it costs a lot more to buy.

If you ever have questions about the safety and quality of your water, you can call your city's water utility or the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-201-4700. You can also go to the Minnesota Department of Health website at Learn more about the history of safe drinking water in Minnesota at http://youtube/inLZwGZSvSc.

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