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Oct 09th


Minnesota Psychological Association hosts 2014 President's Conference, "The Neurobiology of Kindness and Trauma-Sensitive Services in Integrated Care"

Minnesota Psychological Association hosts 2014 President's Conference, The Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) will host its 2014 President's Conference, addressing the topic of trauma-informed care. The Conference will be held Monday, November 10, 2014, at St. Thomas University, Opus Hall, in downtown Minneapolis. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.; the program is from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Continuing Education hours are available, and both MPA members and non-members are invited.

Artificial turf issues

Artificial turf issuesDear EarthTalk: Is it true that playing on artificial turf fields can cause cancer? If so, how can I minimize exposure for my sports-loving kids? -- Melanie Witmer, Syracuse, NY

Just when you thought it was safe to play soccer on that brand new synthetic turf field, it may be time to think again. Those little black dirt-like granules that fill up the space between synthetic blades of grass and make up some 90 percent of today's artificial turf fields are actually ground-up car and truck tires. As such they contain a host of potentially noxious chemicals that can lead to a wide range of health problems.

Plastic bag bans

Plastic bag bansDear EarthTalk: What's the latest on efforts to ban plastic bags? How many U.S. locales have instituted some kind of ban, and have these initiatives made a dent in the amount of plastic litter?
-- Melinda Clarke, New York, NY

More similar than you'd think

More similar than you'd thinkIt's rare to find the words prostate cancer and breast cancer in the same sentence.

After all, one (prostate cancer) affects only men. The other affects mostly women. But despite their differences, the two diseases actually have a lot in common; particularly in the way those diagnosed with either one evaluate their options and make decisions about treatment.

Breast feeding key in infant mortality fight

Breast feeding key in infant mortality fightSeptember was Infant Mortality Awareness Month and remains an important public health issue in America, as well as in Minnesota because African-American infants still die at twice the rate of white infants in this state.

LOWEST RATES IN NATION FOR SECOND YEAR: Commerce sets health insurance rates

LOWEST RATES IN NATION FOR SECOND YEAR: Commerce sets health insurance ratesMinnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman released the health insurance rates for the individual policies sold through MNsure, which again lead the nation in the lowest average health insurance rates in the country. This announcement comes forty-five days prior to Open Enrollment to give Minnesotans additional time to understand the options that will best fit their individual health and financial needs.

Governor Dayton declares October domestic violence awareness month

Governor Dayton declares October domestic violence awareness monthSafety is a basic human right. Yet, domestic violence perpetrators deprive 1 in 3 Minnesotan women of that fundamental right. Through systematic use of abusive tactics, perpetrators denigrate, dominate and endanger their intimate partners and children. They deny them safety in their own homes, and in each of our workplaces, schools and communities.
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