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Feb 12th


What's in your grocery cart?

What's in your grocery cart?So how do you grocery shop? Do you go in with a plan? Do you bring recipes with you? OR do you just wing it? Do you ever get to the check out counter and gasp at the amount of food you grabbed without even thinking about it? Here are my favorite tips to keep you on task and on track with your health!

Four to nine factors contributed to each 'never event,' study finds

Four to nine factors contributed to each 'never event,' study findsROCHESTER, Minn. — Why are major surgical errors called "never events?" Because they shouldn't happen — but do. Mayo Clinic researchers identified 69 never events among 1.5 million invasive procedures performed over five years and detailed why each occurred. Using a system created to investigate military plane crashes, they coded the human behaviors involved to identify any environmental, organizational, job and individual characteristics that led to the never events. Their discovery: 628 human factors contributed to the errors overall, roughly four to nine per event. The study results are published in the journal Surgery.

Documentary profiles people living with dementia

Documentary profiles people living with dementia"Late Life: Facing Dementia" features people living with dementia. Instead of focusing on the doctors who treat these patients, it features the organizations that are helping them live well and advocates who are making communities more "Alzheimer's friendly."

Get outside and get healthy

Get outside and get healthyHow often do you get outside? Too many of us are spending way too much time indoors and are paying the price for it with our health! When we get outside we get Vitamin D from the sun, fresh air for our lungs and brain to give us energy and we reconnect to the natural state of the world around us.

UCare's Ghita Worcester receives Women in Business honor

UCare's Ghita Worcester receives Women in Business honorUCare's Ghita Worcester, senior vice president of public affairs and marketing, was selected by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as a Women in Business honoree for 2015.

Let's talk Lunch

Let's talk LunchLet's face it, we are all busy people! We run around all day from the moment we wake up. The key to feeding yourself right is to have a plan....otherwise when the afternoon munchies arrive you will want to grab anything that's handy. Don't get stuck in the "fast food" trap, instead let's talk about having some good ideas, that are quick, convenient and ready to grab!

Study reveals African diet lowers risk of colon cancer

Study reveals African diet lowers risk of colon cancerConsumption of an African diet for only two weeks may reduce the risk of colon cancer, according to a University of Pittsburgh study published in Nature Communications.
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