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Oct 25th


Nutrition and diabetes

Nutrition and diabetesTraditional diabetic diet plans involving counting calories and grams of sugar can be restrictive. They often fail to address your personal preferences and medical condition.

Whether your goal is to normalize your lab work results, stop or reduce the amount of medications you take, lose weight, have more vitality, or maintain your overall health, you should follow a nutrition plan that addresses your individual needs.

RACHEL SCHUTZ: Strength training, lifting weights, and body image

RACHEL SCHUTZ: Strength training, lifting weights, and body imageAccording to the Mayo Clinic, strength training and lifting weights is an important part of exercising because it has been known to help gain lean muscle and achieve weight loss goals more efficiently.

Strength training can also help increase bone density and some studies have shown that strength training helps older adults focus more.

Improving arthritis pain with diet

Improving arthritis pain with dietArthritis is a general term that means joint inflammation and there are a many diseases that can cause arthritis.

Talk to your family about diabetes and healthy vision

Talk to your family about diabetes and healthy visionThe subject of diabetes seems to be everywhere these days—in the news, on social media, even on talk shows. In fact, 26 million people have diabetes, and this number is increasing, putting more people at risk for health complications. If you or someone in your family has diabetes, you should talk to them about diabetic eye disease, one of the complications of diabetes.

A special date…

A special date…People tell me and my wife and business partner, Bobbie Ford, that they enjoy seeing us strolling hand-in-hand on our daily walks across the Mississippi River at the Stone Arch Bridge, or just about anywhere else. And we enjoy the feedback…the idea that people notice and nod or smile approvingly, applauding our 40+ year love affair.


YogaYoga is an important part of healthy living.

According to the Mayo Clinic, yoga helps maintain heart functions and lowers blood pressure through controlled breathing exercises and movement.

Lowering blood pressure: There’s more to it than the pills

Lowering blood pressure: There’s more to it than the pillsHigh blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition where the pressure with which the blood is pumped through the arteries of the body at a higher pressure than normal. 

A person may feel fine, but the high pressures when uncontrolled, can be slowly killing someone. Chronic high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) increases the risk of developing several conditions like stroke, heart attack and heart failure (a condition where the heart does not pump normally). In addition, hypertension is a leading cause for kidney failure and can lead to dialysis. Despite all of the potential health problems associated with hypertension, there is hope. One can often lessen or prevent one’s need to use blood pressure medication with everyday long-term lifestyle changes.
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