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Apr 17th


5 ways to keep your memory strong

Many of us are concerned as we get older that our memory 'is just not what it used to be'. Some age related change in memory can be normal. As we get older, it is more likely that we will notice some loss in our short-term memory - our ability to readily recall information that was recently learned. We may find ourselves forgetting the name of the person we were just introduced to or not remembering where we put our keys. Long-term memory - the ability to recall events that are many years past is not as affected by aging. Dementia is a term used to describe a serious form of memory loss that goes beyond what is normally seen with aging. Alzheimer's disease is the leading cause of dementia in the U.S. While the exact cause of Alzheimer's disease is not clear, research has some clues to perhaps lower our chances of developing this devastating condition and ways that we can improve and sustain a healthy memory. Here are some strategies to keep your memory strong.

What you need to know about infant immunization

Vaccines are a very important part of protecting your children and yourself from some serious diseases. Anyone who has seen a person die or get very sick from a disease that could be prevented by a vaccine knows how important they are.

Local Food Resource Hubs registration is open now

Local Food Resource Hubs registration is open nowRegistration is now open for Twin Cities residents who are interested in joining their local neighborhood gardening network, where they can connect with other gardeners and get access to low-cost seeds and plants.

Members of area churches fight urban obesity epidemic

Members of area churches fight urban obesity epidemicWhen Marcia Pruitt set out to create a church program that could help her rally support for her own healthier living and weight loss goals, she found a whole new mission.

5 wellness tips for Dads: Feel good all year round

5 wellness tips for Dads: Feel good all year roundKeeping children healthy through the winter is a top priority for parents. Fathers playing an active role in their children's lives, including their health and safety, can make a positive difference. Dads, you can take several simple steps so colds and flu don't stop your kids and you from spending time together.

Planning Healthy Ramsey survey

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health is asking individuals who live and work in Ramsey County to share their ideas on the top health issues facing the County by taking a short online survey at survey is confidential and asks the public's opinions on a range of community health issues such as alcohol and tobacco use, access to medical and dental services, infectious diseases, the health of babies and children, and environmental issues. Survey respondents will not be asked about their personal health problems or behaviors.

Add spice to enhance flavor and your health

Add spice to enhance flavor and your healthSpices can be a great way to improve the taste of food and increase food's health benefits. Flavors provided by spices can decrease the use of salt and fat in dishes without compromising taste. Spices can also be a rich source of nutrients and trace minerals that we may be missing in other areas of our diet. Many spices are thought to have properties that can improve health and function in a wide variety of ways. While all of these effects may not have been proven in rigorously conducted scientific studies, they do have the wisdom of hundreds (if not thousands) of years of traditional use. The food we eat and the spices we add really can be some of our best medicine. With some basic knowledge you can start utilizing the benefits of a little added spice today. Let's get started.
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