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Oct 09th


Poll reveals deep support for food stamps, opposition to cutting the program

By an overwhelming margin, American voters oppose cutting food stamp assistance (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) as a way to reduce government spending, according to new poll data released recently by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC). Seventy-seven percent of voters say this is the wrong way to reduce spending and only 15 percent favor cutting such assistance.


Aiken Elected to National Kidney Foundation's National Board of Directors.

Aiken Elected to National Kidney Foundation's National Board of Directors.


After experiencing kidney disease, dialysis, receiving a kidney transplant and becoming involved with the National Kidney Foundation serving Minnesota, the Dakotas and Iowa, Jerome Bill Aiken remains focused on giving back -- this time, at a National level.    The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) announced Aiken, current Chairman of the National Kidney Foundation’s Minnesota Board of Directors, was named to NKF’s 2012 National Board of Directors.  Aiken was also elected Chairman of NKF’s National Leadership Council Committee.


How pregnant women can avoid dangerous everyday chemicals

Pregnant women are trying to be healthier.  Many take all the right steps to promote the birth of a healthy baby, including eating right, taking vitamins and eliminating alcohol and nicotine from their lives.

Unfortunately, all those efforts may be for naught if they are still being exposed to unseen chemicals in their daily lives. Dr. Doris Rapp, an experienced physician and expert on all the hidden household and environmental hazards, wants women to know about the many insidious and dangerous threats to their unborn babies. The harmful exposures can cause serious harm and damaging birth defects to babies in the womb, and they are right under our noses.


January Hawthorne Huddle: NorthPoint means access

The first Hawthorne Huddle meeting of 2012 was Thursday January 5, at 601 29th Ave. N. The meeting focused on health and wellness. Panelists included Dr. Paul Erickson, Medical Director of NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center; Paula Haywood, Human Service Area Manager of Hennepin County Human Services and the Public Health Department; John Munger, Executive Director, City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation; and Marques Armstrong, Executive Director, Imani Youth and Family Services, LLC.


A healthy New Year’s resolution from your pharmacist: Clean out your medicine cabinet

WASHINGTON, DC – As the New Year begins, and healthy resolutions are made, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is encouraging Americans to clean out their medicine cabinets. Pharmacists recommend patients clean out their medicine cabinets once a year to dispose of all the unused and expired medications that accumulated over the previous year. This once a year tradition will help keep everyone safe and healthy. Unused medications have the potential to be abused and misused and expired medications can lose their potency thus reducing or providing no value to the condition being treated. 

Resources for addressing child poverty

This summer, census numbers confirmed a trend that many suspected: that in the past ten years Minnesota saw a 62% increase in child poverty, from 114,000 children (9%) to 192,000 (15.2%). That number roughly equals the combined populations of Bloomington and Rochester.
Children’s Defense Fund–Minnesota (CDF–MN) produced a resource, 10 Things to Know about Child Poverty in Minnesota to help Minnesotans understand how child poverty affects a child’s brain development, how it affects all our futures and how smart investments today can mitigate these stark trends. It provides a quick background piece on Minnesota child poverty, who is affected, how it’s measured, and why policy decisions matter.


American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region calls for Heroes Awards Nominations

The American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region, reaching from the southern metro area to the Canadian border, announces its call for Heroes Awards nominations. The Red Cross Heroes Awards recognize everyday people who perform extraordinary acts to further our life-saving mission.  

Red Cross Heroes Awards winners will be honored at the 5th annual Heroes Breakfast, which will be held at Target Field in Minneapolis on May 24, 2012.  We are proud to announce Target as the presenting event sponsor. 

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