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Feb 13th

The true compatibility test

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It seems that everywhere you look there is some sort of advertisement talking about how to find a mate. They make it appear so simple. All you have to do is take a compatibility test and their high powered computer software will match you up with the right person. They lead you to believe that their database only has good, honest people in their system, but we know in reality a person that is not honest in their heart will not be honest in their profile. The true compatibility test is the one that reveals what is stored in the heart of a person. Here are a few characteristics to look for that may not show up on the computer's compatibility test.

To begin with, look to a man's heart and not to his wallet or his brain. The true compatibility test begins and ends in the heart of man. A man's heart is at the center of his being and is hid from the human eye. This invisible reservoir is where his values come from and it reveals more about him than a computer program ever could. The computer allows each person to self-report, so most if not all will only put their best foot forward. This lack of information creates a mismatch waiting to happen. Someone who is successful in business, but a failure in his personal life is not compatibility with a person who is looking for both.

Secondly, look for a man that is centered or stable in his conduct and behavior. The person that is always in trouble in his public life will also have trouble in his private one. To be compatible with someone looking for a healthy relationship, he must understand that personal victories come before public victories, and that being honest with one's self comes before being honest with others. The right man knows that he is compatible because his private life measures up to his public life, and he is able to provide for himself and stand on his own two feet.

Next, look for a man that is productive. His actions demonstrate that he creates for the good of all, and not simply for himself. Because he is productive, he knows that as he shares openly and honestly from his heart that it will be returned to him in overflowing abundance. The right man for you is one who works with you to convert your simple ideas and dreams into reality. This man is productive and will by nature multiply whatever reaches his heart. When you give your heart to this man, you will receive a return greater than what you ever could achieve alone.

Finally, look for a man that is not materialistic. To money-oriented man, the accumulation of wealth becomes the end and not the means so never measure a man by his material goods. If he is too materialistic, you will become just another possession that can be bought and sold at will. The right man for you knows that true riches are found in relationships rather than in material wealth. This man is compatible because he has people in his life who love and respect him, and his relationship with people supersedes his relationship with things.

As you continue on your relationship journey, you should be encouraged by the volume of relationships information that is available to you. Use this information carefully. Although many people have been successful at meeting mates through the various types of social media and computer matching programs, I believe the true test of compatibility is when your hands and heart meet. For once the relationship leaves the virtual world and moves into reality, the real compatibility work begins.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. To get copies of his books, or for questions, comments or more information, go to

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