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Feb 09th

Spring cleaning for the emotions

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Spring is in the air, and it is the wonderful time of the year when we start to shake off the dust of winter. As we begin to open the windows of our physical and spiritual houses, it is a good time to get our emotional house in order. What do we do when we get overwhelmed? How do we deal with the stress and the pressure that each day brings? How do we clean our emotional reservoir? We must learn to reset our emotional clock and refresh our spiritual reservoir. I call this process spring cleaning for the emotions.

First, begin with daily reflections. Take time in the morning to reflect on your actions from the previous day. What things did you do well? What things do you need to work on? Men and women both need daily time of reflection. The man often carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and the woman often carriers the needs of the family on hers. They are both complicated systems that are comprised of a spirit, soul and body. Getting up an hour earlier in the morning can dramatically change your life. You will begin to use your emotional energy to build the life you want rather than to continue to dread the one you have. Daily reflection is the first step to resetting your emotional clock.

Secondly, make daily emotional adjustments. When I turn on my home computer in the morning, it goes through a series of bleeps and flashes which it does every time it starts up. It checks to make sure all of the drives and cylinders are operating correctly. It also checks the main memory to make sure none of the data has been corrupted since it was shut down on the night before. The computer then makes the minor adjustments necessary to keep itself running smoothly. It checks itself against its internal programming. This emotional process is called "forgiveness." Forgiving others empties our emotional reservoir and rests our spiritual clock.

Thirdly, make spiritual adjustments by reading your Bible on a daily basis. Our brain is a big computer that runs on the word of God. We must be prepared to adjust our actions daily to align with the spiritual truths that are stored in our hearts. When we do this, what we think and feel will become secondary to what God thinks and feel. This self-to-God alignment is a key to making the right decisions. Our emotional health is a byproduct of our spiritual health.

Finally, make positive affirmations daily. I like to start my day with this simple affirmation, "Today will be a quiet day." This declaration helps me understand the need for quiet meditation. Quiet time leads to self-examination, and examination is necessary to remain healthy. We all must regularly check our mental and emotional condition. This requires us to affirm ourselves by saying positive things about ourselves and speaking positive things into our life. This brings the emotional and spiritual balance needed to live the best life possible. Your affirmations become your aspirations.

When we reset our spiritual clock, we reset our emotional clock as well. Spiritual peace produces emotional peace. This peace is like a river that flows from the heart of God into the heart of men and women. We are able to face the world and the things in it without losing perspective on what is important. Our families benefit from this peace. Spring is here! Enjoy it with your family. The spiritual and emotional seeds you plant today will produce a great harvest tomorrow.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

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