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Feb 12th

Being happy

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happyDo you ever look at people and wonder why they seem to be happy all the time?

Do you wonder if they have a secret to happiness that they haven't shared with anyone else? In the past I've wondered the same things. I can remember having friends that always seemed to have it together. No matter what was going on around them, they always seem to be happy.

Well what I've learned about being happy is that happiness is truly a state of mind. My happiness is different from your happiness and yours is different from the next person. But one thing for sure, we all would love to live a life where we wake up every day with an attitude of expectancy. We would like to believe that great things will happen for us and life will be a happy one. But not everyone is able to live like this.

Think about those people who want to be happier but they have someone in their ear that keeps reminding them of the person that they used to be. They like to remind them of the goals they didn't complete and they criticize them for everything they do. Do you have a person in your life like this? If you do, let them go. Again I say, not everyone deserves a front seat in your life. If a person is not able to be happy for you and understand that you want to find and do things that make you happy, then you should move on from them. You don't need anyone's permission to be happy.

Happiness starts with loving yourself.

You will never be happy until you learn to love yourself right where you are. Take a look at all of the great things you've done with your life thus far. Look at your accomplishments and what they've meant to you. That alone should be the start of your happiness. Don't concentrate on your mistakes or your failures. Everyone makes mistakes and yours are no more disastrous than the next person's. Forgive yourself and move on. If you focus on the things you've done wrong then you won't know what being truly happy feels like. You must believe that you can have a happy life and that is exactly what you deserve. We become what we believe about ourselves. If you see yourself as a happier person, then that is who you will become.

And as always remember, stay focused, stay determined and keep striving for greatness.

Penny Jones-Richardson is a published author and life coach. She can be reached via her website at or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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