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Feb 10th

Relationship 101: The power of the first creation

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creationAll things are created twice – the mental or the first creation, and the physical or the second creation.

The first creation sets the stage for what will be manifested in the second one, and it is the more important of the two. This is true for anything that you are planning to build, including relationships. Relationships' first creation includes the core values of honesty, trust, security, meaningful communication and mutual attractions will have the foundation needed to weather the storms of life. There is power in the first creation. To harness this power, you must revisit the mental picture you have in mind for your relationship.

To begin with, you need to clearly define the first creation. Think about this, if you were going to have your dream home built, you would begin with the mental image that you have in mind. You would visualize the number of bedrooms, the kitchen, bathrooms and the number of levels in the home. You would mentally create every detail in that home. Someone would then take your mental pictures and put them into a blueprint. In construction, you use a blueprint, and in relationship, you use a mission or vision statement. Writing the blueprint, vision, or mission statement is all a part of the mental or first creation. The clearer the picture you paint in the first creation, the more likely the physical, or second one, will meet your needs and expectations now and in the future.

Next, you need to include your core values in the first creation. This will be the basis for your mental picture. In the nature, if you place more importance on the exterior of the house (yellow with a white picket fence) without considering the internal needs (bedrooms, bathrooms and square-footage) you will most definitely end up with a physical construction that does not meet your needs. This is true for relationship as well. If you focus on height before depth of character, or hue of the skin over the honesty of the heart, your second creation will not stand the test of time. The core values in the first creation will determine the internal strength of the second one. It is the strength of the core foundation, and not the color of the exterior that will build a strong relationship foundation.

To end with, you need to include expert help in developing your first creation. You may have the dreams, but you are not an expert in bringing them to fruition. You need professional help. No one would consider building a house without expert help and your relationship is more important. Homeowners that design their own homes end up with unnecessary walls, doors to nowhere, increased cost, and lots of wasted time. This is true for relationships as well. I have counseled those whose relationship blueprint were physically impossible to build and did not exist in the real world. Their external view of the person prevents them for seeing the glaring internal character flaws. A first creation that has expert help should be the only one allowed to become a physical reality.

The first creation is a powerful tool that can be used to bring your mental picture into fruition. Your dreams can become a reality, but without expert help, your physical creation will become an unrealistic waste of time. Also, the vision that you have for your relationship must include the core values because height without depth, money without a mission and biceps without precepts will not work. External beauty without internal character equals a relationship nightmare. These simple steps to building a positive first creation are the fundamental building blocks of a long lasting relationship.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. To get copies of his books, for questions, comments or more information, go to

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