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Feb 12th

Finding true success and happiness

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photoxpress 9159734Success and happiness are two sides of the same coin called purpose.

We all have a purpose in life. We were all created to do something that is greater than the accumulation of wealth. Real success in life can only be measured by the accomplishment of one's intended purpose. You are successful when you do what you were created to do. Until you truly understand why you are here, you can never put the energy needed to bring it to pass. It is the pursuit of this passion that leads to true success and happiness.

Only knowledge of your true purpose can lead to true happiness. The dictionary defines purpose as the object to which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal. It is necessary that we know the goal that we are working towards or the "why" we are here. The "why we are here" will always be greater than the "what we are capable of doing" because the "what" speaks to our past, but the "why" speaks to our future. The clearer you understand why you are here, the better choices you will make and greater success will be experienced. This success is what we call "true" happiness.

When looking for success and happiness, look to the things you do naturally. A fish swims naturally because it was designed to swim, and a bird flies naturally because it was designed to fly. They are both happiest and successful when they are in their natural environments. So it is with us. The things that we are able to do naturally (without much effort) help to illuminate what we are here to do and will bring us the greatest amount of contentment and achievement. Do not allow that to be your only measurement. You must seek God daily for guidance and instructions. Although nature can give us an insight on why we are here, our true purpose is only known in the mind of the Creator.

The true measurement of success and happiness comes from God. You are not your own standard. If you want to know the purpose of a thing, never ask the thing. The bird may know that it can fly, but it cannot tell you why it can fly. To get the "why," you have to go back to the Creator, God. He is the only one that can give you the object towards which you should be striving. He will give you the true measurement for your success. If your goals are based on what you think or feel, they will never bring you the victory or the success and happiness that you desire.

True success and happiness will be determined by what you do today. When you see yourself as greater than your current situation, the potential for greatness becomes possible. You are more than a husband, wife, son or daughter. You are more than your occupation or educational achievements. Your goals in life should be connected to your divine purpose that can and will be revealed to you by God. This is the only true measurement of success. Whatever your divine purpose may be, it will be natural to you as a fish is to water, and you will be good at it. This will bring you more money, time, energy, peace and happiness then you ever thought possible. Spend some time along with God and find your true success and true happiness.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

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