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Feb 09th

Motivational Moments: Success is not measured by material things

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stockvault-business-man-adjusting-tie127744What is the true measure of success? Is it the money that a person makes? Is it the size of a person's home? Maybe it's the type of car that they drive? The truth is success is not measured by any of these things. Success is how you feel about yourself. It is also about the goals you set and achieve. Any time you work hard at achieving goals and every time those goals are met, then you are a success.

Many people do measure success by the things that a person has, but having everything you want has nothing to do with success. What about the person who goes back to high school and gets a high school diploma? Aren't they a success? I would say so. What about the person who buys that home that they have been saving for? Doesn't that have success written all over it?

I would say that anyone who sets goals and achieves them is the definition of a successful person. Setting goals is hard sometimes because it shows that there is something that you want to change about your life. And change can be hard for some. If a person has the mindset that they are already successful, then how often will they set goals?

I have a friend that worked as a waitress for years. She always talked about going back to school to get her high school diploma, but she needed to work to take care of her kids. She didn't leave that job until her youngest child graduated from high school. I always wondered why she didn't go after her goals earlier and become the success that she always talked about. She simply said, "I didn't graduate from high school, and neither did my mother or father. But I was going to make sure I did everything in my power to ensure that my children did." You see working this job allowed her to be home every evening to help with homework, make it to all afterschool events, and was head of her children's school PTA. Talk about success! Again I say, success is not measured by what you have, it is measured by what's in your heart and what makes you a better person.

And as always, stay focused, stay determined, and keep striving for greatness.
Penny Jones-Richardson is a published author and life coach. She can be reached via her website at or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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