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Feb 07th

Being single gives us time to develop deeper bonds with friends and family

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“All my Single Ladies” has become an anthem for, well, all the single ladies around the world thanks to Beyonce. While you are waiting for a man to put a ring on it, there are some things you can do in the meantime to celebrate being single, besides gettin’ your groove on to the song.

First of all, don’t think of single as being alone. This is a time when you can develop deeper bonds with your friends and family, because you know how women get when there is someone in their lives, sometimes we make it all about him. Sometimes your relationships with friends and family even fall by the wayside once you settle down with that significant other. Developing a strong bond now ensures them that no matter who comes into your life, they will always be in it, too.

This is also the time to get to know yourself better. I encourage you to find out what truly motivates you.  Focus on your dreams and aspirations so that when you meet that special person, you are able to keep that sense of self.  Getting to know yourself also means understanding what you like and dislike and what you will and will not tolerate.

Once you are in touch with your needs and wants you will look at dating for just what it is: dating! Dating someone implies that you have interest in them, and with time they could possibly be your significant other; the key word here is possibly! If it is not working out after the first date, the second date or even after you have dated for three years, the beauty of dating mean that you have no obligation to stay in the relationship. Don’t force what doesn’t fit. Trust me; you will save yourself a lot of valuable time.

Pray about the qualities you want in a man, not the quantity in his wallet or superficial things that come and go. You can ask for 6”3, brown skin, and six figures, but that doesn’t mean he won’t mistreat you. Pray for someone who is patient, someone who is kind, someone who will love you unconditionally, the type of things that define real love. Then make sure that whatever you are praying for, you are or willing to bring to the table yourself.

The truth is this: being single can be just as good a time in your life as having someone in it.  Taking advantage of the time spent getting to know yourself, can only benefit you when you meet that special someone. Remember that when you do meet Mr. Right, there is no such thing as perfect and the true test in love is excepting someone --flaws and all.

Follow this advice and you just might end up “Dangerously in Love.”


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