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Feb 08th

(Instant Inspiration) Putting people in their place

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Are you good at putting people in their place? I’m not talking about cursing anyone out or telling them off, but literally prioritizing the people in your life. Most of us aren’t.

Some of us have allowed people to be close to us, who quite frankly shouldn’t be. Maybe they secured a number one spot in your life many years ago: a childhood friend, an old-co worker, or an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. However, where your life is today, they should be number four or five, or perhaps not in your life at all!

The harsh reality is that as your priorities in life change, your friends may have to change too. It’s not to say that you don’t care about that person or you feel like you are better than them, it’s about progressing, moving forward.

Think of your life in terms of a boat. You have been given all the tools to navigate it to an island we’ll call “Destiny.” Getting to your destination will depend on you rowing the right way consistently. Taking too many breaks could either keep you in the same spot or allow the current to send you back. Stopping altogether would put you at risk of being lost at sea and drifting in any and every direction forever. So in order to help you get to your destination you enlist a crew. Who do you want in that boat with you? You want people who are willing to row with you toward the island of “Destiny” even if none of you can see that it is there. You want people who are willing to row with you collectively and people who will encourage you to keep rowing even when you grow weary. You want people who will even take over while you rest because they understand what happens if you stop. You want people with you who want to see you make it to your Destiny and who will celebrate when you get there. If they are not willing to do that, then they probably aren’t willing to row, and if they aren’t willing to row, then they’re dead weight and better off overboard.

It’s not about being angry or upset with the people you have to put in their place, although it can be hard not to get emotional especially if they are a long time friend of a relative. That will happen because you want better for their life, but you cannot make someone grow or even be on your same page and see life the way you see it.

It is very possible that after the process of putting people in their place, you could look up and find yourself rowing alone, and that is okay too. It may take a little longer to get where you are going, but you’ll still get there. While things may look bleak for a while; as you continue to row you will find people who are heading towards the same destination or who have already been there for a while, waiting for you.

Rashida McKenzie is a Motivational  Speaker, based in Maryland. To find out her latest tips for helping you transform your life and find your purpose go to

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