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Feb 09th

Michael Jackson's true legacy

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I said I wasn’t going to do it; that I wasn’t going to comment on the controversial, condemned but yet celebrated personality we call Michael Jackson. Since his passing many stories have been told, honors bestowed, and let us not forget accusations thrown about the late entertainer. However as I watched what was to be his final goodbye, and it finally sunk in that indeed, “this is it,” I could not help but to reflect on what his true legacy is to me.

Some will remember Michael Jackson the entertainer, the father, son, the brother, and the friend; however I will remember him as none of those things. I like his music, but I’m definitely not what you would consider a diehard fan, sorry if that offends those of you who are. So what I’ll remember is what I understand as Michael’s true life minus the speculation, the degradation, humiliation and the celebration. These are (three) simple facts exemplified through the life Michael Jackson lived that we should all cherish:

  1. Each of us is granted a gift from God that is intended to be used in a way that glorifies Him. Each of us has a different gift that falls in line with our purpose on this earth.  Michael Jackson was clearly blessed with the gift of music; music that no doubt uplifted the world. He sang songs that brought issues that weren’t being talked about to the forefront; songs such as “Heal the World,” “You are Not Alone,” “Bad,” “Black and White” and the list goes on and on. It does not matter what your profession is or your educational background, when you choose to use that gift to fulfill your purpose, you will reach the pinnacle of success. What you do will take on new meaning and the world that you enter will be a little better because you were in it.
  2. If you think there is any amount of money that will make your life easier, you are sadly mistaken. It may make things in your life a little more convenient, but no amount of money can bring happiness.  Money is only a small piece of what it is to have true wealth. When you are truly wealthy you’re also healthy and happy, but even that doesn’t mean that you will be problem free. What it does mean is that you will have greater peace, joy, and understanding and your quality of life doesn’t appreciate or depreciate with your assets.
  3. We all make mistakes. We all have sinned and fallen short of glory of God, but that is precisely the reason that Jesus died for us all. Since none of us are perfect, we should not judge. With that being said, there is also no amount of right or wrong you can do that will keep people from talking about you, criticizing you or judging you. There is also nothing that they can say that can determine your destiny, that choice is yours.

Michael Jackson fell many times, and many times he fell hard, but he always got back up. That is a testament to the man he was, not the musician. He did not allow what people said about him to control his destiny, thus his attempt to mount what he hoped would be the greatest comeback of all times.

It’s too bad that he wasn’t here to see it, but it more ways than one, it was!

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