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Feb 06th

A back to school essential wisdom

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backtoschool“Have you started/finished your school shopping yet?” Most likely you have either asked or been asked that question by now. With the start of school around the corner for most kids, it’s an obvious question. School supply lists are now posted everywhere-at schools, on their websites, and at local stores. Retailers are featuring special sales and coupons for everything from underwear to winter coats. Yet, there is one essential back-to-school supply that isn’t sold in stores. It’s wisdom. New notebooks, pencils, and school clothes mean nothing if we send our kids off to school without challenging them to do their best; listen to and respect the school staff, put forth their best effort, and avoid trouble (and trouble-makers). Let’s get the school year off to a good start by reviewing a few aspects of wisdom. After all, it’s the most important tool for school and for life.

READ books that make you wise. In addition to assigned homework, help your child develop a love of reading. Consider having a nightly family reading time and select various books written by or about wise individuals. Begin with just ten minutes per evening and see what happens. Our family finds lots of wisdom during our nightly Bible reading of Proverbs. The book of Proverbs was written by the wisest man that ever lived-Solomon. The Bible says that the newly appointed king, Solomon, was instructed by God to name the thing he wanted most. God promised that he would grant whatever request Solomon made. Solomon made a simple yet profound request. He wanted to be filled with wisdom so that he could lead God’s people properly. Apparently, God was impressed. He told the young king that since he did not ask for riches, honor, that, in addition to wisdom, he’d have riches, honor, and fame unlike any other king-past, present or future. Solomon went on to write about wisdom. His collections of Proverbs, which are divided into thirty-one chapters, make it easy to read a chapter a day and increase your family’s wisdom.

WRITE a note of introduction to the teacher. It’s another wise move if you want to start the year off on the right note. You and/or your child could pen a brief note to tell the teacher that you are anticipating a positive and productive school year of working together. Maybe you could politely include any relevant information about your child (i.e., his favorite subject is science and he loves science experiments).

RESPECT for others is necessary. Always demonstrate respect for your child’s teacher and your child will follow your lead. Resist the urge to talk bad about the teacher when you are upset about a matter. Even if you have a teacher who is particularly challenging, show your child how to professionally and respectfully address concerns. Arrange a meeting with the teacher, then the principal, if necessary, to resolve issues. Assume pure intentions, and listen more than you talk. That way you will be better able to discern the facts of a situation. Advocate for your child, but also remember that it’s possible your little Johnny is actually misbehaving.

Each school year brings new opportunity for a fresh start and new beginning. Help make this year your child’s best year yet! Help to build his confidence by telling him that you believe in his ability to do well. Begin now by speaking optimistically about this year’s goals and expectations. In addition, equip your future leaders with important elements of wisdom; seeking and applying knowledge in a way that demonstrates respect for self and others.


Marcia Humphrey is an interior decorator and home stager who specializes in achieving high style at low costs. A native of Michigan, she and her husband, Lonnie, have three children.


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