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Mar 26th

Police remind residents to party responsibly

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As the weather improves and people hold more parties both in and outdoors Minneapolis Police want to remind people to drink responsibly, be mindful of their neighbors, prevent underage consumption and take steps to prevent party guests from drinking and driving.

Last year the Minneapolis Police Department responded to approximately 2400 complaints of loud parties.  Most were called in by neighbors disturbed by the noise.  Residents are reminded that there is a City ordinance regarding excessive noise after 10 pm.  In most cases officers were able to convince party hosts to comply but return calls to the same party often resulted in residents being cited.  The City can use party citations as leverage against landlords to deal with tenants who create a nuisance. 

The Minneapolis Police Department takes consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors seriously.  Last year the MPD issued several hundred citations for this offense.  Alcohol use by minors is not only illegal but dangerous.  Each year in Minnesota there are tragic events when younger drinkers overindulge and end up with fatal alcohol poisoning and many more end up hospitalized.  Additionally traffic accident statistics bear out the dangers that teens face when they combine alcohol and driving.   As a result the Minneapolis Police vigorously enforce the law when it comes to adults providing alcohol to minors through alcoholic beverage sales checks, investigations and the use of the Social Host ordinance. 

Drinking and driving is also an issue which causes tragedies for families and can result in significant consequences for offenders especially if someone is hurt or killed in a drunk driving accident.  Minneapolis Police ask that before drinking you arrange a ride and if a guest is clearly intoxicated that hosts attempt to prevent a guest from driving or arrange rides for guests in advance.  Last year the MPD made almost 900 DWI arrests and the Minnesota State Patrol contributed to the effort with significant arrest numbers on Minneapolis freeways. 

In the end it is about making good decisions before choosing to party.  Please enjoy the summer but do it responsibly.


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