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Feb 05th

Summertime Ramblings and Free Online TV

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Planes, trains, and automobiles: you don't need Canadian TV to know that this summer, like every summer, Americans will be leaving their homes to travel all over the US. As Americans are huge consumers of gas, this will only happen if the gas prices continue to fall.

Strange as it sounds, lower gas prices are great for business. High gas prices means less money to spend on the latest fashions, on the local arts, and certainly less money to spend on all things entertainment, like tickets to a comedy club.

Needless to say, what is bad for business is bad for jobs. People expect a poor job outlook to be dealt with by the government, and when the government steps in you know that politics are not too far behind. Simply put, the US society is built on religion, education, industry, and politics.

Although some people spend the summers traveling, others consider the summer to be a time of relaxation spent at home with their family and pets. Yet others work on their gardens.

Although you may want to own a farm, farm ownership is but a pipe dream, one that’s both impractical and unattainable. Instead, many prefer to contribute to the environment by planting a cornucopia of fresh vegetables to share with others. After all, a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercising. Research has shown that exercise sans proper diet is futile.

Some on the other hand choose to use summer as a time to for various sporting activities. One does not have to spend much time searching the internet to find information about various sports and athletic action. Weather permitting, or not, every week there is a marathon, ironman, or bicycling event somewhere.

As Americans, we are well educated on ways to entertain ourselves with sport. We have watched all the films, read the entire ‘how to’ books, and are up-to-date on the latest technologies, to the extent that we create our own playlist of favorite music so as to enjoy the sport better.

With all of the action going on this summer you will still be able to watch TV online for free at ARGYLEtv provides more than 3,000 television channels in more than 70 different languages, from over 130 different countries around the world.


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