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Feb 09th

Knowledge has its own reward

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There is an old story about two people named Truth and Lie. One hot day, Truth decided to take a swim. Having nothing to swim in, he removed his clothing and jumped in the water in his birthday suit. Lie came along and seeing Truth's clothing on the bank decided to put them on and head into town. When Truth got out the water and realized what had happened, he followed Lie, stark naked.

When the people in town saw them coming, they cried out, "Look at Lie all dressed up like the Truth, and look at Truth coming in behind him naked as can be." The moral of the story is that no matter how you dress up a lie, it is still a lie, and no matter how naked the truth is, it is still the truth. In our quest for knowledge, we must also seek out truth.

Truth and knowledge are connected. No relationship can stand without honest, open dialogue. Another saying that I have heard said is that a lie has wings but no feet so it can fly all over town but can not land. And the truth has feet but no wings, so it takes longer to get there, but when it does, it can sand on its own. Without truth, knowledge is reduced to the sharing of useless information.

Knowledge is gained by sharing truth, not information. Men that lack emotional maturity will become skilled at using words, but not necessarily at sharing truth. These men primarily use words to obtain information or to gain the advantage that comes with knowing more about the woman than she does about him. This results in coded "man-talk," which includes answering questions truthfully without really saying anything. Even if you are successful at getting any information, this coded talk will make that process as painful as pulling teeth. Once the conversation is finally over, the woman will most likely have given out more revealing information then she knowledge gained.

Knowledge must be shared by both parties. A woman is emotionally naked when she has no knowledge of a man's intentions. These men will use words to acquire knowledge to gain advantage over women. Every piece of information they receive makes her more vulnerable to his deception, leaving her a little more exposed and at a disadvantage to his true intentions. A man's emotions must be shared for true knowledge to be gain. His anger, laughter, ability to love, and the capacity to hate are all tied up in his emotions.

Knowledge empowers a woman. This goes beyond surface knowledge of who he is and gets the truth about how he thinks and where those thoughts come from. When a woman knows a man's intentions, she becomes powerful. Knowledge is its own reward because it leads to the truth about the person and reveals the debt of their emotions. If his emotional reservoir is deep, then his capacity to love will be deep as well.
Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to



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