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Feb 12th

Dateline Spain, Pueblos of Seville, Carmona and Osuna

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fresco-from-the-monastery-in-osunaview of carmons giralda from the AlcazarSEVILLE, SPAIN – This past week I got the amazing opportunity to visit two towns in the province of Seville; Osuna and Carmona. These two places are called "pueblos" or towns of Seville and they both have a rich cultural background.

Osuna is located about an hour and a half from the city of Seville. My tour group visited the monastery and the university. There is a cathedral in the university with magnificent sculptures and stained glass windows of Mary Magdalene and Jesus on the cross. One of the frescos that is placed in the sermon area is very tall and instead of being one big picture there were little spaces depicting scenes such as The Last Supper from the Bible surrounding Jesus on the cross. There is also a tomb in the basement and seeing it was the creepiest experience of my life. Unfortunately, taking photos was prohibited.

The monastery is right across from the university and, like the university, had many paintings and sculptures of Mary Magdelene. In one of the rooms, there is believed to be part of a Saint's (San Lorenzo) finger and part of the actual cross upon which Jesus was crucified. The monastery is very spacious and vintage. There are these holes in the wall that the nuns used to communicate with each other throughout the monastery and there were paintings along the edge of the walls depicting life outside the monastery with ladies having lunch and men riding horses.

Carmona is called the "Door of Seville" because it is the closest town to the city, about 30 kilometers away. Just like in the city of Seville, Carmona has its own Alcazar and an imitation of the cathedral's Giralda. The name Carmona comes from the Jewish root word kar, meaning city. The Romans called it Carmo and the Arabs Qarmuna.

During the climb up the tower of the Alcazar, our tour guide showed us different parts of the palace such as the courtyard and the Golden Tower terrace. The courtyard is wide, spacious and sits just below the terrace of the Golden Tower.

Although I visited Carmona during my first cold and wet weekend in Spain, it was still one of my favorite places during my stay as a whole. The grey skies couldn't mask the beauty of these skyscraper structures and cultural history behind each and everyone I visited.

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