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Feb 09th

Man Talk: Live life to the fullest!

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The older I get, the more I realize how quickly life passes. Dr. Benjamin Mays in his poem "Life is just a minute," describes it as just a minute with only sixty seconds in it. It was forced upon you, you can't refuse it, you didn't seek, didn't choose it, but it is up to you to use it. You must suffer if you lose it; give an account if you abuse it. Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it. Life is a gift from God that should be lived with purpose, passion, and maximum potential.

First, to live life to the fullest, you must find your purpose. Finding your purpose gets to the core of the question "Why am I here?" To get this answer, you must spend time along with God because he is the one the created you. Dr. Miles Monroe in his book "Understanding your potential," states that if you want to know the purpose of a thing, never ask the thing. Purpose can only be known in the mind of the creator. A person may know what they can do, but they may not know why they should be doing it. So it is with you. You may know the "what" you can do, but you need God to reveal the "why" you should be doing it. Finding purpose gives your life meaning because you will be doing what you were created to do.

Secondly, to live life to the fullest, you must find your passion. It is where hands meet heart. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21). Your passion or ability to get treasure (wealth) is tied to your purpose because you will enjoy doing what you were created to do. And if you enjoy it, you will do it often and you will be good at it. People that do what they were created to do are more fulfilled and make more money than those who just do a job. A bird flies because it was designed to fly. If that bird was paid to fly, it would enjoy its job tremendously.

Thirdly, to live life to the fullest, you must maximize your potential. To maximize your potential, you must be active. This is about making little changes that will have a huge impact. Get up an hour earlier, walk a half step faster, develop a personal mission statement, and begin work on your life plan. All of these things will help you steer your life in the positive direction that you want it to go because time is needed to maximize your potential. The more you put your potential to work, the more you will tap into your hidden talents. These talents are the life lessons that can only be learned to trial and effort, and they open the door to more potential.

Finally, to live life to the fullest, you must live your own life. This paradigm shift redirects the focus from others back to you. The focus on self is necessary to complete your life's mission. Those who live though their children and others often mistakenly abandon their dreams. Living your life and fulfilling your creative purpose will never take away from others. On the contrary, it provides them with a living model of how to go after their own dreams. For those who find their passion, purposes, and potential, wake up every morning to new discoveries and every day to new opportunities to live.

Today is your opportunity to live life to its fullest. What is your life? The book of James asks and answers this profound question, "What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes" (James 4:14, NIV). Life is temporal. It is still just a minute with only 60 seconds in it. It will pass you by without regard unless you make is special by living out your purpose. Take ownership of your life by maximizing every day, hour, and minute because eternity is in it.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

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