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Oct 04th


Helping children cope with trauma

Helping children cope with trauma


I love children, don’t you?  They see the world so honestly and they approach life with such pure abandonment, courage and genuineness.  They are often openly affectionate and loving.  In fact, there is nothing “fake” about a child.  In fact, I recall a story of a little boy around 4-5 years old who went to get his Annual wellness check-up at a place like NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center.  While there, the doctor checked his throat and in her attempt to be engaging she asked the child “Do you think I’ll find the ‘Cookie Monster’ down there?”  The child politely gargled “No” and looked at the doctor as if she had come from another planet.  She proceeded to conduct the examination by checking his ears and asking: “Do you think I’ll find ‘Big Bird’ in there?  Again, the child looking a little exasperated said to the doctor: “No ma’am, I don’t think so!”  Finally, the doctor took her stethoscope to check his heart and asked him: “Do you think I’ll find ‘Barney’ in there?”  The child emphatically replied, “No, Love is in my heart!...Barney’s on my underpants!”

Testimony: Surviving the odds

How do we give hope and courage to one who has lost all hope and faith? In Psalm 46:1 we hear that “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

There have been times in my life when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could neither see the sky nor the shore. It is at such times that our faith is under test; to see if we are true believers or if we are the doubting Thomas or Judas.

Sunday’s Best now open in Frogtown Square

Sunday’s Best now open in Frogtown SquareSunday’s Best, formerly known as Just Churchin’ It Fashions, recently relocated their operations to a new location in Frogtown Square—a mixed use commercial and residential development located on the northeast corner of Dale and University.
Sunday’s Best carries a full assortment of church and formal wear for men and women. The store features a complete selection of suits, dresses, fashion accessories and jewelry. Sunday’s Best also carries what many have called the Twin Cities best assortment of women’s dress and formal hats.

After visiting 120 countries, world traveler sees few differences between peoples

After visiting 120 countries, world traveler sees few differences between peoplesWhen Henry Biernacki was 17 years old, he hopped a Greyhound bus from Colorado to Mexico with nothing but a small backpack, the clothes on his back and a few bucks in his pocket.

He hasn’t stopped moving since.

Today, Biernacki is an airline captain with Virgin America and he has traveled to more than 120 countries, but his travel habits haven’t evolved much since his teen years. No five-star hotels or limousines for him. Most of the time, he’ll get on a plane the same way he boarded that bus – backpack, clothes on his back, a few bucks in his pocket.

In fact, back in 1997, he toured 40 different countries over 11 months, spending only $3,700 the entire trip. He slept on the streets, in airports, and at times, in a guest house. And that’s why he thinks he’s been so fortunate. For him, it wasn’t about seeing the world – it was about meeting the people along the journey.

Summertime Ramblings and Free Online TV

Planes, trains, and automobiles: you don't need Canadian TV to know that this summer, like every summer, Americans will be leaving their homes to travel all over the US. As Americans are huge consumers of gas, this will only happen if the gas prices continue to fall.

Strange as it sounds, lower gas prices are great for business. High gas prices means less money to spend on the latest fashions, on the local arts, and certainly less money to spend on all things entertainment, like tickets to a comedy club.

Census Bureau reports 55 percent have married one time, another 15 percent have married more than once

Among all people 15 and older in 2009, 55 percent had been married once, with 30 percent never having been married at all, according to a U.S.

Census Bureau report released today. At the same time, 15 percent had married more than once, including 12 percent who had married twice and 3 percent who had married three or more times.


Soul food entrepreneur promises change in the neighborhood

Soul food entrepreneur promises change in the neighborhood“Like the unique music that originates in the South, Louisiana Fried is the Bourbon Street of Chicken. The unique spicy Cajun flavor will Jazz your taste buds and put a smile on your face, The spice is right! ”

That is the promise of young entrepreneur Marzell Harris, who last week declared “Change has come to North Minneapolis!” with the opening of the first Minnesota franchise of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken.
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