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Oct 30th


(Style on A Dime) Earn extra cash doing what you love

Like most young girls around 10 years old, I remember spending hours combing my doll’s hair, giving haircuts, and making her outfits.  After a while, I became the self-appointed hair stylist for all my neighborhood friends.   I was the best around (at least in my own mind).

(Style on Dime) Gale Woods Farm teaches kids agriculture-food role

Nearly two months ago, towards the end of my children’s spring break, I decided that I wanted to plan one last free or cheap outing before school resumed. My friend suggested that I consider visiting Gale Woods Farm. She described it as a place where you can have a hands-on type of experience with animals and farm life. To be quite honest, I am not particularly fond of being around stinky farm animals, but I thought, “It’s not about me; this is for my kids, and I want to expose them to a variety of encounters.” And my next thought was, “plus the price is right-around $25 for the whole family.”


(Style on a Dime) Low cost hair care

I can still vividly recall the hair-plaiting ritual which marked every evening during my childhood.  I would sit on the floor between mama’s legs while she sat perched on the edge of her favorite chair (usually) gently, (always) slowly arranging my (virgin) hair into six plaits.  Upon completion of her task, while I was rising from the floor, without fail, she would call “More hair,” and I would respond, “Grow Hair.”  (Her call was actually more like “Mo hair,” which of course rhymes with “Grow hair.”)

(Instant Inspiration) Putting people in their place

Are you good at putting people in their place? I’m not talking about cursing anyone out or telling them off, but literally prioritizing the people in your life. Most of us aren’t.

Rev. Billy Russell of Mpls Friendship Missionary Baptist Church honored at Heart Walk for making healthy lifestyle changes

The American Heart Association awarded Rev. Billy Russell of Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis, with the 2009 Start! Lifestyle Change Award at its annual Twin Cities Start! Heart Walk on Saturday, April 25, at Harriet Island Park in St. Paul.

(Style on a Dime) Great deals for $10 or less

(Style on a Dime) Great deals for $10 or lessBack when I was in my twenties, and my girlfriends and I would go shopping, I had one goal in mind: to spend $10 or less on each item. Am I that cheap? Well, basically: YES! What I realized is that I had stumbled upon a principle that would guide my spending habits in a very positive way throughout my life.

(Instant Inspiration) Good habits yield positive results

Good habits yield positive results

Do you want to do something different with your life, something fresh, and new? Maybe start a new job, change your look, or get in better shape. You’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but you just can’t seem to get there? Well, you are not alone. Studies show that only 3% of people accomplish their goals. (

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