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Feb 09th


Real change begins with you

Real change begins with youIn a couple of weeks, spring will be upon us and the weather will begin to change. For those of us in the Twin Cities, spring is a reminder that things will change for the better. It is within this hope that we are able to deal with life's up's and down's. Some look for change to take place outside of them like the change in weather. The truth is that real change takes place within us. If nothing outside of you ever changes, if you change for the better inwardly, your live will be better.

Motivational Moments: Work hard on seeing your goals through

Motivational Moments: Work hard on seeing your goals throughHave you ever felt like you were working so hard and doing all the right things in your life to be a success, but nothing seems to be going as you planned? Are you at a point where you think that maybe you are working so hard and maybe it's time you gave up on this goal because nothing is happening fast enough for you? Remember just because you don't see the end result right away, doesn't mean you haven't made any progress. Achieving any goal takes lots of focus and can take a long period of time. (Depending on the goal.) But the key is to never give up because you never know how close you are to completing anything if you give up before you completed it.

Award-winning Robin Wilson releases "Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle"

Award-winning Robin Wilson releases Award-winning interior designer Robin Wilson's highly anticipated "Clean Design: Wellness for your Lifestyle" is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book will be available for purchase online and in-stores on April 7, 2015. "Clean Design" encompasses 15 years of the Robin Wilson Home brand when, in 2000, Wilson spearheaded the clean design movement in response to having debilitating allergies as a child. Currently Wilson's line of linens, pillows and quilts are sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond nationwide.

7th Annual Women UNITE to Win: Women's Appreciation Banquet

7th Annual Women UNITE to Win: Women's Appreciation BanquetOn March 14, 2015, the National Empowerment Group, Inc., a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization & J. MOST are hosting the 7th Annual Women Unite to Win - Women's Appreciation Banquet at the luxurious Radisson Blu Mall of America Hotel. Each year they select an important cause involving women in the community that have motivated, educated and empowered others. This year they are honoring some of Minnesota's prominent musical legends. These phenomenal women, who have paved the way for many musicians have agreed to collaborate with the National Empowerment Group, Inc. and use this event as a platform to bring HIV/AIDS awareness to the community. I am honored to share information about this grand event.

The four reasons you are stuck in your past

The four reasons you are stuck in your pastLately, I've been dealing with some individuals who are constantly talking about the things that happened to them in their past. I am comfortable with this because this happens to be something that I write about occasionally. I share with my readers the importance of letting go of their past and how to move on from past experiences that may be preventing them from achieving their goals. But truthfully, there are so many individuals who are not able to move on very easily. So after much thought and insight into this, I discovered some of the reasons why so many are drawn to events that have already happened to them and why they reminisce on the past and why their past has such a hold on them. Whether they're thinking about the good times or bad times, there is something that draws them in.

Local communities benefiting from expanded transportation access

Local communities benefiting from expanded transportation access(StatePoint) Demand for public transportation is on the rise. In fact, 10.7 billion trips were taken on public transportation in 2013, the highest in 57 years, according to the latest statistics from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA.)

Daily ticket offers for the 2015 season at Target Field

Daily ticket offers for the 2015 season at Target FieldThe Minnesota Twins has announced daily ticket offers for the 2015 season at Target Field.
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