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Jan 28th


Are you smarter than A 60 year old?

I know!  A couple of you aren't "Seniors" just yet . . . but you will be!!!!  Just answer the questions!  Oh and enjoy while you're at it. If you come across one that you know and just can't for the life of you remember the answer . . . blame it on a "senior moment"!!!  

Insight for aspiring writers

Because I have been fortunate enough to write and self-publish two books, aspiring writers often have questions for me. The questions are many and varied, but the most common are these. How did I get the project to fruition? What are the best steps to getting there? What are the resources available to aspiring writers? Here is my brief response to these three very important questions.

How do I feel about that?

Communication within relationships can be challenging. Sometimes the intent of the message gets lost between "what I said," and "what I heard you say." To be effective at bridging this gap, we need to use every tool available to us. Some years ago, I learned a powerful communication technique that I think will be helpful in accomplishing this goal. This technique involves written communication followed by an oral discussion. The writing and discussion are both based on a statement called the "How did I feel about that" or "HDIFAT" statement.

Homeowners facing foreclosures susceptible to predators, scams

Homeowners facing foreclosures susceptible to predators, scams
With the economy still depressed and unemployment relatively high – especially among African-Americans – officials are warning homeowners to beware of loan modification scams.

A parent’s guide to keeping their teen safe behind the wheel

Back to school is about more than school supplies, new clothes and a return to familiar routines.  It is also about good times, social gatherings and renewing acquaintances.  But for parents of teens who drive, or ride with new teen drivers, it is also a time of concern.


From boys to men

When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.
(1 Corinthians 13:11)

Physical growth is almost non-optional. If a man eats the right food, he will grow. Emotional growth is a lot more complicated, particularly since his emotional development is connected to that of his spirit.


The Day Ghana Stood Still

The Day Ghana Stood Still

Pictured: Former President Rawlings and his wife at the funeral on Wednesday

Last Friday, for the first time since arriving in Ghana, the streets were silent in Accra. Market women packed up their provisions and textiles from street shops, taxi drivers took the day off and grocery stores and diplomatic missions closed their doors. Friday was also the first time a President had died in Ghana.

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