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Aug 01st


Men are dirt, is that a good thing?


With all the negative stereotype about men that already exist, why would it ever be a good thing to refer to men as dirt? I hear this and other similar comments whenever I am out sharing from my book. Unfortunately, whenever anyone hears that statement, men and women from all cultural ethnicity think of it primarily in its negative connotation. But I use this statement for two different purposes, first to serve as a replacement to the statement “All men are dogs,” and secondly to created dialogue about the true creative purpose of man.

Is she wife material?


Since last week’s article “Is he husband material” was published, I have received several requests asking that I follow up this week with an article on “Is she wife material?”


My mind immediately took me to the nursery rhyme quote, “sugar and spice and everything nice.” Although wives should be nice and sweet, they require real substance. For me personally, good wife material is made up of good company, meaningful communication, spiritual connection with God, mutual attraction, and common goals and interest. Because this is my personal list, it is most likely too narrow of a view of what is wife material to adequately address the needs of the diverse readers. After much research, here are my 6 key characteristic that make up wife material.

Danny Givens on a mission to turn lives around

Danny Givens on a mission to turn lives around


Danny Givens is living proof that, A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.  ~Proverbs 16:9.
Givens, a men’s advocate for the African American’s Men’s Project at North Point Health and Wellness Center, 1313 Penn Ave. N. runs the project’s re-entry program.  The program assists men returning to the community from prison with health care, education and employment. 


Sisters of the Visitation: Places of prayer, peace and hospitality

Sisters of the Visitation: Places of prayer, peace and hospitality

We, the Sisters of the Visitation, have lived and ministered in north Minneapolis for 22 years. We are a religious order of Catholic nuns.  From Day One, we were welcomed with open arms by this community.  Our monastery sites at 1527 Fremont Avenue North and 1619 Girard Avenue North are places of prayer, peace and hospitality; ours is a rather hidden presence, but one that we believe is necessary for the support of the many fine initiatives taking place here, and a sign of hope for the many who come to our door.


Is he husband material?


In my travels, I often encounter women who say they are looking for men who are good husband material. After those conversations, I often find my self asking the question, “What is good husband material?” During my 13 years in the Marines we were looking for men with the metal to become Marines. This “metal” is not the right substance. Although metal may make for good Marines, the material that goes into making a good husband must be more pliable. It must be able to transcend beyond the physical appearance of a man and be strong enough to build upon, and flexible enough to bend with the right pressure. Good husband material must be character based. Here is my list of the 5 essential items that make up “good husband” material.

All things begin and end with you


I am the master of my fate; I am captain of my soul (William Ernest Henley)

This week, I would like to share some insight from chapter two of my book: Men are Dirt. The title of this chapter is “All things begin and end with you.” This chapter reminds us that we are the principle part of our relationships and that all things begin and end with us. Before you can be true to others, you must first be true to yourself. You serve as the numerator in your relationship equation and the people in your life serve as the denominator. When others bring spiritual, emotional, and financial value equal to yours, the relationship becomes one or whole. On the other hand, when they bring emotional, financial, and spiritual baggage that is greater than you and your resources, the relationship becomes a fraction of what it should be. Because there is so much as stake, it is necessary to take ownership of your relationships.

Mission: Getting to Happy


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year are familiar sayings that are known to all. It marks the season of giving followed by the beginning of a new year full of hope and promise. Unfortunately, this is not true for all. For some, the word happy is a distant memory of times long ago, and for others it is a present reminder of sorrow and depression. According to some experts, more people suffer from depression during the holidays than any other time of the year. Now more than ever, it is necessary for all of us to take deliberate actions to aid in our quest for happiness. 

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