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Oct 31st


(Style on a Dime) Consignment: Alternative to garage sale blues

(Style on a Dime) Consignment: Alternative to garage sale bluesRemember a few weeks ago I encouraged you to do a bit of decluttering in preparation for fall?  One of the things I suggested was that you (follow my lead and) have a garage sale with all the unwanted items from your home.  Well after having my sale last week, I have vowed to never have a garage sale again; At least not until I forget how much trouble this last sale was!

(Style on a Dime) New uses for paint; making the old look new again

(Style on a Dime) New uses for paint; making the old look new againA few weeks ago I had to have my hardwood floor replaced because hairline cracks began appearing and then progressed to what looked like blisters.  Thankfully, the floor was still under the manufacturer’s warranty and they were replaced with no problems.  The only thing I had to do was remove all the furniture and wall hangings in that area, so that the flooring guys could easily take up the damaged flooring and then reinstall the new product.  Once I had removed everything- from the kitchen, entryway, and bathroom, my walls began to call out to me.  They said, “Girl you know that it’s wrong for you to leave us like this!  We feel so naked wearing nothing but this beige paint!  This is not even like you!”

(Style on a Dime) Finding treasures at the Pawn shop

(Style on a Dime) Finding treasures at the Pawn shopIn an effort to expose our three children to various types of experiences while helping them to discover their God-given gifts and abilities, my husband and I encourage their participation in various extracurricular activities (just not all at the same time).  The general rule of thumb for this extracurricular fun is that the child must complete the activity season or at least stick with it until the end of the school year (or until mama says otherwise).

(Style on a Dime) The road to financial freedom

(Style on a Dime) The road to financial freedomA few days ago, while changing my bedding, I discovered a book underneath my bed on the topic of financial freedom.  The author was Dave Ramsey and my mind immediately went back to a time, about eight years earlier, when my husband and I began taking steps toward financial soundness.  While living in Huntsville, AL we learned of this man who hosted a call-in radio show about money management .

(Style on a Dime) Do your homework now-Save big later!

(Style on a Dime) Do your homework now-Save big later!I can already hear you complaining: “Don’t ruin our last few days of summer vacation by talking about the h-word!”  I’m sorry, but we must to talk homework for a minute.  You know my focus is always to share with my readers how to save, save, save.  Well saving money is not the primary focus today, but trust me, we’ll get to that.

(Style on a Dime) School’s in session soon, get ready

(Style on a Dime) School’s in session soon, get readyMy daughter Alanna came rushing down the stairs and greeted me with a wide smile, “Mom, I am so excited!  I want to show you what I did to my room!”  Being well acquainted with my daughter’s ways, I knew she had made some improvements of which she was proud.   She continued, “I have organized my closet, taken out everything that doesn’t fit, and now I have a big bag of stuff that that is ready to be donated to Goodwill.”

(Style on a Dime) Getting your money's worth… every time

Being a frequent (bargain) shopper, there is one thing that I feel quite strongly about- good customer service.  While I understand that all of my bargain hot-spots won’t yield the same level of  service (think Macy’s vs. Goodwill),  when I am patronizing a reputable establishment, I expect to be treated in a befitting manner.  That’s why I was so outdone after an overnight stay at the Doubletree in downtown Minneapolis.
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