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Aug 23rd


(Style on a Dime) Summer boredom-busters for kids

As I sit on my comfy couch enjoying this sunny, yet nippy, spring day, my mind wanders off to the even warmer days which are ahead. Of course that thought leads me to visions of summertime fun - freedom from school schedules and homework and freedom to wake up at Noon and take an impromptu road trip.


(Instant Inspiration) Let faith in God push you towards your goals

Have you ever felt a pull in your life? Something that you really wanted to do or accomplish and you haven’t done it yet? For example, there are those of us who like to make New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions are usually things you want to change in your life, but usually something you don’t quite get around to. The year comes and goes and you still have not accomplished what it is you set out to accomplish that year.

Application period begins to select one man Representing best of Twin Cities

Personality, intelligence, community involvement, and fitness will be important attributes for men throughout the Twin Cities, because for the one man representing the best of those traits, it means $5,000 and a Tag Heuer watch.

(Style on a Dime) Putting family first during tough times

(Style on a Dime) Putting family first during tough timesOnce upon a time there was a happy family of four who lived in their dream home, and drove their dream cars to their dream jobs.  All seemed perfect, that is until a stranger came to town. What the family didn’t know about the stranger is that he was a thief.  One night, while the entire family slept, the thief came and began stealing from this family...

(Style on a Dime) Spring is the perfect season to celebrate creation’s renewal process

(Style on a Dime) Spring is the perfect season to celebrate creation’s renewal processPsst!  Psst!  The word on the street is that spring has actually come, but keep it quiet.   If winter hears about it, she may come back.  Since the weather does appear to be breaking, it’s time for…  You guessed it-Spring Cleaning!  So you know what to do; take five minutes to grab three boxes to assist in the purging process and let’s get to work!

(Style on a Dime) I really don’t need another expense of buying pills

(Style on a Dime) I really don’t need another expense of buying pills"My doctor told me that if my Cholesterol remains high, she is going to have to put me on medication.  Do you have any easy tips for helping me to bring this problem under control?  With my money stretched tight already, I really don’t need another expense of buying pills, or the hassle of taking them!"
Sincerely, Wannabe Pill-Free


From man caves to mudrooms: Making every square foot count

Upsizing to a bigger home might be out of reach for a majority of homeowners in this depressed housing market, so many are opting to stay put and maximize their existing spaces through remodels, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).
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