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Feb 28th


So much to discover: Start cashing in on the web

So much to discover: Start cashing in on the webAfter a recent Sunday morning church service, Stacie and I struck up a conversation in our fellowship café. She informed me that she is a professional blogger and thought my readers would be interested in following her dollar-stretching blog at While I was excited to hear that one of my Christian sisters is finding creative ways to make money and help others, I was really excited to hear that the focus is on discovering bargains (a woman after my own heart, sniff).

Forfeitures: Next Steps

Minnesota law allows law enforcement to seize your property in association with certain designated offenses. A forfeiture action can be taken against many types of property believed to be associated with criminal activity.  For example, law enforcement may seize and attempt to forfeit cash believed to have been transacted during drug-related crime or an automobile used in conjunction with a DWI or prostitution.  Regardless of the value of the property, the police must have a valid reason for seizing it, supported by facts and evidence.

Macy's "Celebrates You" this Black History Month

In celebration of the remarkable contributions made by African Americans, Macy’s commemorates Black History Month with special events that celebrate you. In honor of African Americans past and present who have made an impact in their communities and have inspired others to be their best selves, Macy’s “Celebrates You” events will help individuals to discover their own “brand” - their unique voice, style and personality that will empower them to advance and achieve success, like the trailblazers before them.

The love series: All the single ladies (and men)-Valentine's Day is for you too

The love series: All the single ladies (and men)-Valentine's Day is for you too“She made me feel that there was something wrong with me because I am not married!” my girlfriend confessed to me about her well-intentioned cousin who was trying to set her up with a man with whom there was no love connection. Although I imagine the heart of this concerned relative was in the right place, I must stop and ask you, the reader, a question “What’s wrong with being single??” Here is the answer “Absolutely Nothing!” So here’s my next question, “Then why do we sometimes make our single friends and family feel otherwise?

The Love Series part 2: Keeping it simple on Valentine’s Day

On special occasions my husband, Lonnie, and I usually don’t exchange big gifts. What we really enjoy is giving and receiving greeting cards from one another. Whether the occasion is a birthday, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, we take pleasure in searching for just the right card that conveys our genuine sentiments.  Our simple, yet impactful tradition began many years ago. I remember receiving a special card from him.  Moved by the message, I turned to him and asked, “Do you really feel this way about me?”  He assured me that he did and then he explained that it took him a long time to pick out the card, because he had to find one that said exactly what he was feeling (I love that man, y’all!).  

Change your life in just 15 minutes

Change your life in just 15 minutesIf you are at all like me, you have probably said to yourself, “There is just not enough time in the day for me to accomplish all the things that I have to/need to accomplish.  All of the demands of life compete for my attention, my energy, and my money, so one of my goals in 2010 is to discover practical ways to continually simplify my life and redeem my time. Inspired by a website I introduced to you last week,, I have started using bite-sized chunks of time throughout the day to accomplish small, yet important goals. I am already seeing some savings; more time, less headaches and frustration, more family unity. 

Introducing Sheila Ford and her new book-love letters to him

Introducing Sheila Ford and her new book-love letters to himWhen I heard about the new book that Sheila Ford had written, Love Letters to Him, I knew that I had to share it with our readers. Not only does this book expose our common struggle to find the true meaning of love and intimacy, it also provides helpful tools to help gain freedom from love’s counterfeits.
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