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Feb 07th


Chef Huda wins Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen

Chef Huda wins Food Network's Cutthroat KitchenWASHINGTON, D.C. - Chef Huda Mu'min, multi-talented owner of Washington, D.C. area culinary company Pretty & Delicious, has made Food Network history by winning $23,900 – the largest personal prize earnings to date – on Food Network's cooking show "Cutthroat Kitchen" hosted by Alton Brown.

Four helpful steps to dealing with the winter blues

Four helpful steps to dealing with the winter bluesWinter is upon us and it is a fact of life. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, even the best of us can get a little down. The "winter blues" is a termed used to describe the mild depression, lack of enthusiasm, and low get-up-and-go that many people experience during this cold season. Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to both prevent the blues from coming and make the most of this cold season. Here are my 4 helpful steps to dealing with the winter blues.

Motivational Moments: New year resolutions

Motivational Moments: New year resolutionsThe end of the year is approaching and it is almost time for us to make our "resolutions" as to how we will change or be a better person in the year to come. I won't make resolutions this year; however I will focus on the HOPE of a better year for you and so many more people of the world. My hope is that everyone who is on a journey of self discover, finally realize that life is full of lessons. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you will fumble. But the key is to know that just because things aren't working out the way you planned right now, doesn't mean that you won't reach your destination.

Building a spirit of gratitude from within

Building a spirit of gratitude from withinIntroduction
Has our society forgotten how to be appreciative? Many people are too busy running the rat race to say, "Thank you." I remember sitting in a Sunday school class of young students during my college experience at Southern University. One student was saying how ungrateful he had been toward his parents. I also felt guilty. My parents bought me my first car while I was in high school; most students did not have cars. I had envisioned receiving a brand new car. Well, I did not.

Working through self-destructive behaviors

Working through self-destructive behaviorsThe holidays can be a wonderful and cozy time of year. We reconnect with those long forgotten warm sweaters that have waited patiently for us in the back of our closets. Everything we eat and drink is pumpkin flavored. We start to look longingly at our fireplaces, and even anticipate the first snowfall. But for many people, the shift out of daylight savings and other harbingers of fall and winter create feelings of anxiety, loneliness, anger, and depression. Many therapists report an upswing in referrals this time of year, and the focus is often on the difficult feelings that colder weather, less sunshine, and the approaching holiday season evokes.

Motivational Moments: Take care of yourself during the holidays

Motivational Moments: Take care of yourself during the holidaysThe holidays have arrived and everyone seems to be getting ready to spend time with family and friends near and far. During this time of the year families celebrate the joy that the season brings and also the appreciation of time shared with loved ones.

Survey shows many not ready to pay for care as they age: "Own Your Future" initiative encourages Minnesotans to plan ahead

Survey shows many not ready to pay for care as they age: Research shows that 70 percent of people 65 and older will need long-term care at some point in their lives. Despite these projections, the 2014 Department of Human Services' State Fair Survey shows more than 30 percent Minnesotans do not know how they would pay for that care. An additional 13 percent of respondents said they would rely on government programs to pay for long-term care.
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