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Sep 02nd


Motivational Moments: Take the time to appreciate life

Motivational Moments: Take the time to appreciate lifeHave you ever taken the time to just appreciate the things that you have been blessed with? I heard someone say once that every morning they wake up and spend time meditating on everything that God has blessed them with. They don't just talk about their home or their cars, but they say thank you for everything. And I do mean "EVERYTHING!"

Motivational Moments: Think about your life's journey

Motivational Moments: Think about your life's journeyToday I spent time talking to an old friend about some of the choices that we have made in our lives. We have been friends since we were three and four, and have never lost contact with each other. She lives in another state, but that doesn't stop us from talking at least three times a week. Lately we have been talking about our life's journey and all of the lessons we've learned along the way, some for good and some for bad. But we both agree that life has basically been good to us. And we are very appreciative of what we have been blessed with and where we are in our lives.

Apple computer's green initiatives

Apple computer's green initiatives
Dear EarthTalk:
Apple just put out a big PR campaign about its sustainability initiatives. Has the company made real progress in this regard or is this just more corporate "greenwashing?" And how are the other big tech companies addressing their carbon footprints?
-- Billy A., Oakland, CA

50+ Travel: Tips on choosing the perfect tour or cruise

50+ Travel: Tips on choosing the perfect tour or cruise(StatePoint) For many baby boomers, travel is their favorite leisure activity. Whether to cross something off their bucket list or to indulge in a passion, the 50 and older crowd is on the go.

Motivational Moments: Celebrate your accomplishments

Motivational Moments: Celebrate your accomplishmentsThis past weekend I had the pleasure of spending it with my 3-year-old granddaughter.

Enjoying the company of one

Enjoying the company of oneSocial media has given us unlimited access to others.

Finding true success and happiness

Finding true success and happinessSuccess and happiness are two sides of the same coin called purpose.

We all have a purpose in life. We were all created to do something that is greater than the accumulation of wealth. Real success in life can only be measured by the accomplishment of one's intended purpose. You are successful when you do what you were created to do. Until you truly understand why you are here, you can never put the energy needed to bring it to pass. It is the pursuit of this passion that leads to true success and happiness.
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