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Feb 13th


Motivational Moments: The power of staying positive

Motivational Moments: The power of staying positiveThere is power in positive thinking! I have heard this time and time again. In the past, I have also had to train my thoughts to be more positive. I can remember going through some very tough times and everything around me being negative. I also remember how I had to think positive even though my surroundings made it hard for me to believe that there was anything good around the corner.

Rondo Days: Recognizing the past...

Rondo Days: Recognizing the past...On Saturday July 19, 2014, the Rondo Avenue celebration will be held. This year's theme is "Recognizing the Past, Honouring the Present, and Soaring into the Future." This theme reflects on our collective experiences as a people. Every day, we experience events that would break the spirit of ordinary people, but as a resilient people, we have managed to find the silver lining. Time and time again we have found positive responses to adversity. The annual Rondo Days celebration is a testament of our resilience. Here is a little history of the Rondo Days celebration.

Your declaration of interdependence

Your declaration of interdependenceAs we move closer to celebrating this year's Declaration of Independence and enjoying family and friends on the 4th of July, you should also take some time and reflect on your own declaration of interdependence. We are all born into this world with a dependency on others. As new born babes, we need someone to feed and nurture us. Without this care, we could only live for a few days at most. Moving from dependence to interdependence takes time, growth, and development. As we move through the maturity continuum, we all progress through several stages. The three major stages of maturity are dependence, independence, and interdependence, with the highest stage being interdependence.

FOOD: Men: Don't just grill, learn your way around the kitchen too

FOOD: Men: Don't just grill, learn your way around the kitchen too(StatePoint) All too often, men stay out of the kitchen, relegating their food preparation to the outdoors. But even master grillers know that eating well means being versed in more than just barbecue.

Motivational Moments: Success is not measured by material things

Motivational Moments: Success is not measured by material thingsWhat is the true measure of success? Is it the money that a person makes? Is it the size of a person's home? Maybe it's the type of car that they drive? The truth is success is not measured by any of these things. Success is how you feel about yourself. It is also about the goals you set and achieve. Any time you work hard at achieving goals and every time those goals are met, then you are a success.

The 2014 Happiness Calendar

The 2014 Happiness CalendarAs you continue in your pursuit of happiness, remember that happiness is an intentional creation. Every day things happen that work contrary to your joy and contentment. As you move forward into 2014, you must be deliberate in your pursuit of happiness. Earlier this year, I shared the first half of the calendar, and with permission from the author, I would like to share with you an excerpt from the second 6 months of the happiness calendar written by Henry S. Miller, author of "The Serious Pursuit of Happiness."

The four most important reasons to stick to your goals

The four most important reasons to stick to your goalsI have exciting news to share with you! Today is the first day of the rest of your life! This is another day to finish what you started and be the person you want to be. It's all about identifying your goals and sticking to them. I use this because it works for me. I find that if I am excited and looking at my goals as another opportunity to be the best person I can be, then the goal won't seem like another daunting chore that I must complete.
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