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Feb 14th


The 2014 Happiness Calendar

The 2014 Happiness CalendarAs you continue in your pursuit of happiness, remember that happiness is an intentional creation. Every day things happen that work contrary to your joy and contentment. As you move forward into 2014, you must be deliberate in your pursuit of happiness. Earlier this year, I shared the first half of the calendar, and with permission from the author, I would like to share with you an excerpt from the second 6 months of the happiness calendar written by Henry S. Miller, author of "The Serious Pursuit of Happiness."

The four most important reasons to stick to your goals

The four most important reasons to stick to your goalsI have exciting news to share with you! Today is the first day of the rest of your life! This is another day to finish what you started and be the person you want to be. It's all about identifying your goals and sticking to them. I use this because it works for me. I find that if I am excited and looking at my goals as another opportunity to be the best person I can be, then the goal won't seem like another daunting chore that I must complete.

Shawntan Howell empowers girls

Shawntan Howell empowers girlsShawntan Howell strives to empower young girls through teaching them that they are unique, and that makes them powerful.

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Growth for the African-American Community

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Growth for the African-American Community"This book is for you, the everyday person, the person who works, has a family (or not) and wants to stay stress-free, happy, fulfilled and healthy. This book will lead you, the yoga aspirant and participant, to that place.

Motivational Moments: True strength comes from within: Follow your passion

Motivational Moments: True strength comes from within: Follow your passionLast week I read about a woman who finally decided to follow her passion and become a doctor. This woman was in her fifties and always wanted to go back to school. She had a great career in which she was very successful, but there was always this burning desire inside of her to follow her dreams that never seemed to dissipate. She was told that she was too old and many people asked her why would she even bother going back to school when she had already had a great job and was close to retirement? She simply said her passion wouldn't allow her to sleep at night. This goal of becoming a doctor would be on her mind throughout the day and even while she worked.

Celebrating Black fathers

Celebrating Black fathersAs we celebrated Fathers' Day across the United States and in some other nations throughout the world, it is important to lift up those Black American fathers who are doing what is right and good for their children, families and communities. Too often when the issue of Black men is raised, it is done from a negative or pathological perspective.

4 pillars of fatherhood

4 pillars of fatherhoodAnother Father's Day has passed, and families all over the country honored and celebrated their father and father figures. Whether small or grand, dads on that day were the center of attention. I want to thank my children Anetra, Tinesha, Nicole, and Tim Jr. for continued reverence of me as father and mentor. The special day was just what I needed. In light of that grand day, I would like to share from my 34 years of fatherhood, my 4 pillars of fatherhood. I hope these pillars will create healthy dialogue within the family setting.
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